The Art of Making The Deal – Part 3: Charming Persistence

In Part 3 of The Art of Making The Deal, it’s all about how to be charmingly persistent.

You’ve probably heard that persistence is key when it comes to making deals. But what does that mean? How do you go about being persistent without becoming a pest?

  • How to use your charm and persuasion skills to get what you want.
  • How a free giveaway worked a charm!
  • Why being charming AND persistent leads to strong alliances.

Persistence + Charm = Success!
– David Wood

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[00:00:00] David Wood: Now here’s how to be charmingly persistent. Don’t just keep on sending the same thing over and over and over again, knowing that you may be pissing them off. You need to set context. So what I might do is say, Hey, just wanted to bump this to the top of your inbox. I know things can get busy. I might also say, I realize I’ve sent a few messages.

I do not want to bother. And this is, and we’ll get to my book soon, which is all about transparency, mouse in the room. It’s about being transparent. So if what you’re thinking is I might be bothering you say that I don’t want to bother you also. I think this could be a big opportunity, so I don’t want to just let it drop.

My aim is to be charmingly persistent. Please tell me if I should stop. And so now you are relating around the truth about what’s actually happening instead of just being persistent, wondering if you’re pissing them off, that’s how to lose trust and how to lose it.

[00:01:05] Corey Kupfer: I love it. And, and, you know, I wish I can, is it something that relates to this for me on, we had, somebody has got to go back a decade or more, uh, they did a talk at one of the entrepreneurs, organization events, and I wish I can attribute it, but I unfortunately don’t remember who this was, but they had, they had a book out on really how they got to, um, like connect with all these amazing folks, right.

Someone like at the level that you’re talking about David. Right. And, uh, and one of the big things they said is. Um, yeah, I mean, you know, they, I mean, he didn’t necessarily friends, but of course it took courage. It took persistence. He had to see the possibility first. And you mentioned something, uh, that he, this person really, really focused on, which was what can you offer them?

Right. And no matter how successful somebody is. His premise was you have something that you are masterful at, that they may need. And he gave it an example. And I don’t remember who it was of a major person, you know, all kinds of layers and gatekeepers and you know, so hard to get to, um, but had found out that this person was writing that first book.

And this guy happened to be somebody who was really good at helping people write books and edit and whatever. And his approach to this big time person was I will help you. Right. And guess what? Next thing he knew he was in Hawaii, right? For six weeks at this guy’s house. Helping him for free, right. As book.

Right. And for me, so, you know, when we’re looking to do any kind of Alliance, right? These are deals we’re talking about strategic alliances, joint ventures, um, endorsement deals, things like that. I know David, you have some experience with all of these kinds of things. Um, you know, that access, right? Because the people that you most want to endorse, right.

Or to, you know, to whatever the other people who, you know, the ones successful are the other they are to get to. Right. So this conversation of how you get there through some of the principles that David’s talking about. And I love this idea of finding out what your talent is that can really help that person.

[00:03:06] David Wood: Yeah. When I researched Alan Alda, I found out that he’s created this center for the communication for science. I teach communication. My upcoming book is all about transparency, so there’s a possible overlap. Um, and I think he, you know, he, he does quite a lot of service in the world. I’ve been going into Colorado prisons, teaching communication, and I thought he might find that interesting.

So I, I led with that. Um, let’s talk about, I love that example. I will help you for free. I did that with a celebrity. Um, I wanted to build a relationship and I just said, I want to thank you for something that you did for me. And I want to offer you coaching. I’m offering you a month of coaching for free.

My only requirement is that you treat it as if you were paying 10 grand a month. And so we did that and I got to build a much closer relationship with that person. So yeah, making the list, what can I offer, finding out what they’re into? Um, I, and also you can get creative. I’ve got is a friend of mine used to buy old shoes and he’d get a shoe and put it in a package.

And mail a package to someone because he said envelopes get opened by, by the secretary or the receptionist, but packages usually go straight through and the person are open up and there’d be a shoe in there. And the note would say, now that we’ve got our foot in the door.

We’d like to consider, um, an Alliance with you. And so you can get creative and start having some fun.


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