Master Tough Conversations

Tough Conversations = Thriving Teams + Higher Engagement & Retention


The Nine Tough Conversations of 'Inside-Out' Leadership

Get Real

Because Small Secrets are Big Problems

"David helped me get straight to the core actions required to up-level my business and personal life. His depth of unwavering presence and big heart make him one of the best!"

Satyen Raja, Warrior Sage

"David's fantastic presentation gave us a simple and practical way to improve our lives."

David Mulligan, Salespeople With a Purpose

"Outstanding - more of this! I highly recommend David to any organization wanting their staff to reach their highest potential both personally and professionally."

Caroline Ghatt, McCann-Erickson


Why Playing Safe is the Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do

Achieve More

Achieve more by focusing on less.

Team Building

Deeper Connection = Higher Engagement + Higher Retention + Higher Productivity

Benefits of Each Workshop

Individual Performance | Team Performance | Company Performance


Each member of your team will:

  • Feel: empowered | valued | lucky to be working with you & your company | more deeply connected to the team
  • Do: work harder, work smarter, trust each other, collaborate better, lead better, and stay with the company longer.
  • Be: Motivated | engaged | happy


You will:

  • Feel: more happy | more grateful | more proud | more love
  • Do: lead more powerfully | keep more promises | set a higher standard | achieve greater success
  • Be: more trusted | more liked | more in demand | more relational | the leader you would follow
  • Know: yourself and others better


The impact of this workshop will ripple out into participants’ personal lives…. 


Their family and friends will:

  • Feel: supported | seen | grateful | a deeper connection with them
  • Say: say something’s changed about them, but they are not sure what.


Sample Modules:

  • Know Thyself: Self Assessment | Trigger Points | Clearing Self Judgments/Beliefs
    (strengths & weaknesses, likes & hates, true goals & desires)
  • Soliciting honest feedback | interviews
  • Confidence
  • Acknowledgments
  • Reveals | Confessions
  • Clear withholds | Release charge
  • Keeping Promises | Cleaning Up Broken Promises | Promising Less | Promising More
  • Giving Honest feedback
  • Releasing Judging Others
  • Unmet Needs (what are you not asking for?)
  • Completing Incomplete Relationships | Apologies
  • Setting Boundaries | Saying “No”
  • Risktaking | Courage
  • Tough Conversations

"David walks his talk: I admire his willingness to put himself in the fire, and do what it takes to make that next step."

Jack Canfield


"David held my feet to the fire to eliminate half my busy work and decisions - creating more time with my kids! Especially if you're overcommitted and overworked - reach out before it's too late!"

Alex Mandossian


David changed my life. Coaching with him was the best investment I have ever made in myself - both personally and professionally.

Joshua Clifford


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