Double your focus,
Double your revenue.

For incomes $200,000-$20M (or you will be soon)

Get focused Achieve more Be extraordinary

Do you have a focus problem?

  • Are you wasting time on the wrong goals, or the wrong plan?
  • Do distractions or “Shiny Object Syndrome” stop you from achieving everything you’re capable of?
  • Do you feel scattered with all the ideas and options in front of you?
  • Do you want a plan and goals so you can double or triple your business in less time?
  • Are you concerned lack of focus is having you fall behind?
  • Do you want to grow to be a more extraordinary entrepreneur, partner, parent and human?

"It’s just plain wrong that your genius is also your Achilles Heel."

I understand how it feels to be assailed by a constant stream of amazing ideas and options - to feel unsure if you’re working on the right goals, or even if you have the best plan. I know the angst of wondering which idea to focus on, and which is the best strategy to get there as fast as possible.

Life is too short to be scattered.

Now's the time to get the laser focus you crave so you can joyfully achieve what you’re meant to on this planet.

You've already proven you can handle your business and your life. You *could* do this on your own. But with Focus CoachingTM you can go further, and get there faster.

With Focus CoachingTM You Can Finally

Get Clear

Get clear goals that matter and motivate, and a clear plan to follow.

Get Focused

Demolish distractions to peacefully and quickly implement your plan.

Double Business

Double revenue in as quickly as 12 months by focusing on less.

Be Extraordinary

Be an extraordinary entrepreneur, partner, parent and human.

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Why David Ian Wood?

I’ve spent 25 years coaching thousands of entrepreneurs in 15 countries on how to do what matters, get there faster, and be extraordinary.

And more than a coach...I'm an entrepreneur who's been blessed with my own business success.

Some highlights include achieving the #1 ranking on google for “life coaching”, building an email following of 150,000 business owners, selling $330,000 of product from the stage in 15 minutes, and being voted into the Transformational Leadership Council founded by Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup.

A former Consulting Actuary to Fortune 100 companies - including Sony Music, Chanel, and Exxon - David left his cushy Park Avenue job 25 years ago to build  the world’s largest coaching business, coaching thousands of hours across 15 countries.

Alongside his clients’ successes, David is no stranger to overcoming challenges himself, having overcome a full collapse of his paraglider and a fractured spine, witnessing the death of his sister at age seven, severe anxiety and depression, and a national Gong Show!

He is the author of "Get Paid For Who You Are" and "Mouse in the Room - Because the Elephant is Not Alone", both with forewords by Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup fame, and was nominated to the exclusive Transformational Leadership Council alongside such thought leaders as Don Miguel Ruiz, John Gray, and Marianne Williamson.

"But What If I'm Different and Quirky?"

From David: "If you're different or quirky, you'll feel right at home, because...

  • >> I’m noise sensitive, and people bumping my seat on a plane make me anxious.

  • >> I find the edges of life and explore my fears (e.g. paragliding, polyamory, tantra, speaking, standup comedy, and even BDSM)

  • >> I’m playful…even when the plane’s engine is on fire or in an armed hold-up, I can find the lighter side.

  • >> I'm an obsessive geek; when I lost at chess at the local club, I went online and played 8000 games and didn’t lose so much anymore ;-)

  • >> I’m irreverent - Austin Powers is my hero, and romantic - a complete mess after watching Titanic or 50 First Dates ;-)

All of you is welcome here."


Case Study

Double Revenue, Slow Down, Free Up Time (Eric Worral, Marketing Business)

David walks his talk; I admire his willingness to put himself
in the fire, and do what it takes to make that next step.

Jack Canfield

Chicken soup for the soul

"David held my feet to the fire to eliminate half my busy work and decisions - creating more time with my kids! Especially if you're overcommitted and overworked - reach out before it's too late!".

Alex Mandossian

Marketing Online

"David changed my life. Coaching with him was the best investment I have ever made in myself - both personally and professionally."

Joshua Clifford


What Makes Focus CoachingTM Different

Many programs force you to follow to a "cookie-cutter" outline, instead of addressing your unique requirements. Or they focus on only on business and financial results, ignoring who you are as a leader, partner, parent and friend.

Customized to You

While there is a content theme each month, your program is 100% customized to what you need each week.

Group Power

Enjoy the community of other high performers, sharing best practices and witnessing each other's commitments and wins.


My unique ability to weave business AND life coaching together ensures you will become a more extraordinary entrepreneur, leader, and human.

Not Your Buddy

While some of my clients do become friends, I'll tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

Coach Yourself

You'll use my proprietary form to coach yourself before every session. Then we'll build on that.

Guaranteed Success

I'm invested in your success. If you feel like you’ve wasted your time, I’ll donate your entire first month’s coaching fee to the charity of your choice.

Apply Watch Video

Want to get to know me first?

Here is how I help business owners double their business, impact the world and be extraordinary.

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Focus CoachingTM Application

Dear Friend,
I will not try to sell you on applying for Focus CoachingTM.
Instead, I will simply tell you who it is for …and who it’s NOT for.

This program is for

This group Is not for

And now for more honesty:

This will require your investment

You’ll be required to invest time, energy and money into creating change. You'll need to implement what you learn …fast …and share what’s working in your business with the rest of the group (just as fellow members will be required to share their secrets with you).


(Revenue < $200,000 pa)

or save with $8000/year
  • Monthly training
  • Samurai forum
  • 2 Group Calls/month
  • 3 month trial before annual commitment
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(Revenue $0.2-$2M pa)

or save with $20000/year
  • 3 Private Calls/month
  • 911 + Email Coaching
  • 3 month trial before annual commitment


(Revenue $1M-$10M pa)

or save with $100000/year
  • Unlim. Private Calls/month
  • 360 Feedback
  • In-person Deep Dives

Here's how it works:


Apply to Program

I'll ask some probing questions, then we'll hop on a valuable call to create a plan and make sure I can really help you.

What we'll cover on our call

Register for Program

If we both agree you're a fit, register for the program and extract value month after month.


Achieve More in Less Time

Get the focus you need so you can go further, go faster, and be extraordinary.

I’m only looking for high-caliber people to join my programs. I’ll review applications on a first come, first-served basis.

Apply for initial coaching session


5 Steps to Double Your Business

Free 6 min video reveals how to double revenue by staying focused, achieving more, and becoming a more extraordinary entrepreneur and human.