The Art of Making The Deal – Part 2: Courage

In Part 2 of The Art of Making The Deal, I provide some insights of what your life could look like if you had the courage to reach out and make a deal.

  • How to muster up the courage needed.
  • How to find the courage and seal the deal.
  • Why persistence plays a big part in a successful outcome.

The way you handle your courage in life can make or break the deal.
– David Wood

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[00:00:00] David Wood: The second thing that you’re going to require is courage. As for most of us, it’s hard to get a no. So, you know, I, I met Jack Canfield five, well, 15 years ago, maybe fell in love with a man. Um, so admiring and impressive. And for five years, I tried to build a relationship with that, man. It was not easy. It was not easy to get through all the filters and layers, but, but, but it took asking and asking and asking.

Um, and then I wanted him to write the forward to my book. That was very scary to ask him to do that. I also wanted Richard Branson. To write the forward. Do I book? And I wanted Steve when for when hotels do write the forward to my book, took courage every single time it took courage, which brings me to the next one, which is persistence.

How many of them. Firstly would not even send the email or would not even make the phone call. Alan Alda is a good example. I’ve idolized him since a kid. When I was watching mash, I just, I love who he is. I’d love to hang out with him and, and I just didn’t know how to do it. So first it took some research and I read a couple of interviews by him to see what he’s into.

And then I found out he’s got a patriotic. Um, uh, where you can pay $45 a month and then that’ll get you access to a zoom call once a month with him. I are. All right. Now we’re cooking with gas. And then on the call, they said, does it want to have a question for Alan? My hand was the first one to shoot up and I said, Alan, what would it be?

To get you on my podcast to talk about this that took a lot of courage. Now he said, reach out to my producer, the next thing that we need now that I’ve, you know, I generate a possibility and I generated the courage.

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