E022 Warner Bros VP Speaks on High Performance Coaching

I interview one of my clients – Shanon Muir, VP Warner Bros – to find out why and how independent, self-starting high performers uses coaches.

We cover:

  • How this podcast episode is for high performers, successful in a number of areas
  • How Shannon found coaching
  • Shannon’s desire to connect the dots/fit the puzzle pieces
  • How coaching provides an objective perspective
  • How you’re too close to yourself
  • How colleagues are useful for advice, coaching brings a different perspective and is also confidential
  • Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, and wanting to reach goals faster than she would on her own
  • Shannon’s question: “Who AM I, and how does that impact my performance?”
  • How a good time to seek a coach is when you feel you’re plateauing.
  • How she requested coaching from her manager
  • The benefits of getting your company to pay for coaching, but Shannon’s viewpoint on ROI even if you need to pay for coaching yourself
  • “How you do one thing is how you do everything”
  • How habits in your professional life spill over into personal life, and vice versa; the intertwining of personal and professional.
  • The themes that have arisen for Shannon: 1) Managing others, and 2) Managing herself.
  • How she’s improved her productivity
  • Learning more managerial and leadership skills, such as how to build her staff into the leaders they need to be
  • How to have certain crucial conversations with her direct reports
  • How life and jobs are getting more and more complex, and it’s harder and harder to fit the pieces together efficiently; even high performers are seeking extra brain power and perspective to solve the puzzle
  • Constant change is a challenge for high performers
  • An analogy with chess!
  • Some ways high performers can get in their own way.
  • The challenge of delegation

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