E009 The Zen of Being More Adventurous, with Derek Loudermilk

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Could you use more adventure in your life? Then you’ll definitely want to watch this .

I’ve been featured on Derek Loudermilk’s podcast ‘The Art of Adventure’ a whopping four times – he was my first ever podcast interview! In this episode, I turned the tables and interviewed him for a change, and heard his perspective on how playing for real in his life is all about finding and going on the adventure in the moment. This was a great discussion on living with the adventure mindset every day of your life.

“Adventure is not what the world defines it to be, it’s what you define it to be.”

We cover:

  • Is Daring the same as living with an adventure mindset?
  • Why we avoid adventures and what might stop you having an adventure
  • Smaller steps to an adventure and the power of 1% different
  • The key to finding adventures
  • The internal adventures we can take advantage of 
  • How we can sometimes end up on accidental adventures
  • How to re-frame an uncomfortable situation as an adventure
  • The hardest part of starting an adventure
  • How the body fights against going on an adventure
  • Would you remove any moments from your past, if you had the power!?
  • Why Derek believes in only investing in 10 things in life
  • The surprising thing he really wants for himself right now
  • The value of quests!

“Fear is what happens when you’re being daring. ”

How are you living the art of adventure in your everyday life? Challenge yourself to try something 1% different from your normal routine – we talk about it in the video. Comment below to let me know how you’re taking the challenge, I’d love to hear it.

You can find out more about Derek Loudermilk and The Art of Adventure at derekloudermilk.com

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