You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

You don’t know what you don’t already know in business. We all have our own unique ways to do things, and we can clearly state what we want. But sometimes when faced with new challenges or opportunities it’s helpful to gain different perspectives, because you don’t know what you don’t know.

You don’t know what you don’t know.
– David Wood


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[00:00:00] David Wood: A good clue is if you say to, if you find yourself saying, oh, I’ve always wanted to do that. Like notice yourself, it’s yourself saying that I I’ve always wanted to go to Sweden. Never been to Scandinavia. I’ve always wanted to sing. Well, all right. I just started working with a senior teacher because I’m sick of saying, oh, I’ve always wanted to do that.

[00:00:21] David Wood: Always wanted to act, always wanted to like, that’s a good clue. I’ve always wanted to go see that play. I’ve always wanted to do. I know someone’s telling you, they did stand up and you’re like, ah, nice. I’ve always wanted to do that, but it’s been too scary. I think that’s, that’s a good clue. And what if you went in that direction, you know, I’ve always wanted my business to make 50,000 or a hundred thousand a month instead of five or 10,000.

[00:00:51] David Wood: What is it?

[00:00:56] Michael Levitt: And that, and that’s crucial. I, and you mentioned standup, and I remember this was in the mid nineties. I was working for a CPA firm and we went out for a dinner and. A club event. And I don’t remember who the main act was, but the opening act was this new comedian that was out on the chain called drew Carey.

[00:01:20] Michael Levitt: You know, we’ve, we’ve known, he’s been, he’s been on television hosts. The prices right now has had a pretty successful career. And I don’t remember anything that the main comedian said that night, but I remember him and just the way he was interacting with the crowd. Kind of back and forth kind of thing, which was amazing.

[00:01:40] Michael Levitt: The other one was, you know, just kind of telling jokes and was engaging, but not as much, but, you know, drew was one of those people that just was really get at it. And I’m sure at some point, you know, he said to somebody and when he grew up in Cleveland or around that area where, okay, I’m thinking about doing this.

[00:01:58] Michael Levitt: Okay. You know, go to the county. It will do this. And he took that step. And, and, and that’s the thing you never know, you know, and that’s the thing. Your life could completely change forever on a path, just because you finally say, you know what, I’m going to hire that coach. I’m going to talk with those people.

[00:02:18] Michael Levitt: I’m going to figure out how to do this, and there’s nothing wrong if you do it. And he realized, okay, you know what? This is not for me. Great.

[00:02:25] David Wood: Noted, not a neuroscientist, but you know, you do something new. The, the brain has to create new pathways. My singing teacher just asked me if I wanted perform in a recital coming up in a month. Oh my God, I’ve never, other than karaoke, I’ve never performed a song. I’ve done it with a guitar, which is different, you know, he’s singing along, everyone sings along, but actually singing.

[00:02:52] David Wood: That’s going to be a whole new experience. So I said, yes. All right, I’ll do it because it’s new. I joined a playback theater troupe a couple of months ago, and the audience members tell a story from their life. And then the troop says let’s watch. And they reinterpret the story and bring out the deeper lessons.

[00:03:10] David Wood: Hugely scary for me. Very right. Brained might do a dream sequence and then improvise a song. Recently, they said, all right, you’re going to perform with us. This is your first performance. And you are going to improvise all of the music for the show. I have never improvised music before I know how to play piano and guitar, but I’ve never improvised it.

[00:03:31] David Wood: But I said yes, because it’s a new experience. So who knows what that’s going to do for the brain. That’s where we want to look landmark education. This is the people who did that course. I originally did the called the landmark forum. They would say, you don’t know what you don’t know now. There’s lots of things, you know, you don’t know all I know.

[00:03:54] David Wood: I don’t know how to do brain surgery. I don’t know how to build a rocket. I don’t know how to generate electricity. Like a lot of things I know. I don’t know. But what about that massive area of life where you don’t even know? You don’t know. That’s where the landmark forum operates. And I think it’s where the best coaching operates.

[00:04:17] David Wood: That’s the most exciting stuff for me. People come to me for things that they know they want, they know that they want more money. They want more time off and they might hear something on a podcast like this and say, I could be more expressed. I could be more authentic. I could be more courageous. I could go for it more.

[00:04:35] David Wood: So they know they come with that. But then. After a few months, other things start to emerge. Oh, I didn’t know. This was something I could work on. I didn’t really think this was possible for me. I just given up on that or I’m just resigned to this and my relationship really. We can make that better. So that’s exciting for me.

[00:04:54] David Wood: What you don’t know, you don’t know.

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