E005 Yanik Silver on How to Make Money AND Serve

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Yanik Silver is Founder and CEO Maverick1000 an invitation-only, global network of industry transforming entrepreneurs connecting in bold new ways to challenge and collectively support each other’s biggest business goals, engage in reinvigorating experiences and co-create a worldwide multiplier impact.

In this interview we cover:

Am I really happy? Will I be happy 10 years from now?

Your ESSENCE stays the same, but the EXPRESSION of it changes

Money is an amplifier of your existing personality

Meet your own needs first; fill your own cup first

Light 1000 suns, and how this ripples out to reach 7 billion people

How can you give, in alignment with your values? As an EXPRESSION of your values?

The profit in giving

Combining head, heart and highest purpose

Intrepreneur: how you can get your own company involved in a project. How to influence buying decisions, hiring decisions.

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More on Yanik at http://yaniksilver.com

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