Why Mouse Naming Will Change Your Life

Let’s talk about mouse naming. No, I’m not talking about the kind you find in your house. I’m talking about the skill of naming mice (aka our feelings) that will completely change your life.

In this video I reveal:

  • What is undermining our confidence, loneliness and disconnection.
  • Why congruence is KEY.
  • The critical path to changing your life.

Congruence is KEY to building confidence.
– David Wood

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[00:00:00] David Wood: We are not fully known to ourselves. We are not fully known to the people in our lives. And I feel sad about that. That creates a sense of loneliness, disconnection. It undermines our confidence because we’re showing one thing to the world and then there’s another thing going on. So we don’t have that congruence.

So we don’t have confidence. Because there’s no solid foundation. What if someone finds out what if someone finds out and this could be subconscious? It’s not even a conscious thought. What if someone finds out that I’m, that I’m pissed or that I’m annoyed or that I actually don’t think I can do a good job at this.

Of course, you’re gonna gonna lose confidence. And then for leaders, people won’t wanna follow. They won’t know why. And you won’t know why, but it’s because there’s a lack of congruence. You’re presenting something, but the things that are underneath it, it’s like you’re in a canoe and there’s their occurrence and waves and whatever underneath the canoe.

And you’re just trying to pretend it’s all smooth sailing, but they can feel it if you’ve got time pressure. And you’re trying to wrap up the meeting. And you don’t name it. Hey, I, I have another meeting in five minutes, so this might feel a bit quick, but let’s you, can we wrap it up in the next four minutes?

Does that work? Okay, great. Thanks. Instead of just, okay, sorry. I need to need to stop you there. Bill. What about this, Jenny? It’s weird. And people won’t even know why, but there’s a lack of congruence. So the cost to. Mouse naming is huge. And then because of that disconnection and lack of confidence, we look for other things to medicate sugar, eating overeating, video games, social media.

Alcohol cannabis. You know, I speak for myself. I use a lot of crutches. Um, I think I already mentioned video games, TV, right? We go for these things because we are missing that raw connection and that experience of being truly seen for ourselves. I Jack’s not joking. When he says this book will change your company, your life and the world.

This is the path. It’s a path. There may be 20,000 other paths, but this is the most critical path that I’ve known discovered. And it’s why I’ve devoted my life. for the last two years. And the next year to this message. Of mouse in the room. Mm-hmm, go looking for your mice in the room and then artfully name them.

You will change your relationships, your life, your company, and ultimately will change the world.

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