Why Having the RIGHT Goal Matters

Setting goals is a crucial step in creating an actionable plan for your life. But knowing which type of goal is right for you can make all the difference when it comes to achieving success. Check out this video for more:

  • How to avoid distractions and get back to what it is important.
  • Why achieving goals is a lot easier when you have the right plan.
  • How to determine goals that lead to focus and results.
  • Find out why chasing many shiny objects is only entertaining for a fleeting moment.
  • How to find clarity in your decision-making to take daily action.

Don’t waste time with goals that don’t matter.
– David Wood

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[00:00:00] Kimberly Weitkamp: Money goals as well. You mentioned health goals. So why is it that we need to choose the right ones and how can we kind of get started on that right path?

[00:00:09] David Wood: I love that question. The reason we need to choose the right goals. Is it because of what you said when we started this interview, which was about focus, it’s just so easy to to chase so many things and so many shiny objects, and that can be entertaining.

[00:00:26] David Wood: That can be a lot of fun, but if we want results, then we’re going to have to focus. And I thought, as you were speaking earlier about martial arts, When I was about 12, my dad took me to a karate class and martial arts is a lot about focus, right? If you don’t focus, you’re going to, you could get your nose broken.

[00:00:47] David Wood: But I think it’s the same running a business and running our lives. We need to focus if we want great results, but the first step is working out what to focus on. If you don’t have clear goals, how are you going to know. This year, what to put your time on and what to say no to you won’t know. You don’t have a chance.

[00:01:08] David Wood: How are you going to know this week? What? To put your attention on what to say no to how are you going to know tomorrow? And then how are you going to know for the next two hours? What to say yes to and what to say no to don’t have a chance unless you’ve worked out where you want to go. So that’s why goals are so important and the right goals are important.

[00:01:33] David Wood: The only thing worse than I’m gonna totally mess up this expression. You don’t want to climb the ladder really quickly, and then finally succeed to find that your ladders propped against the wrong wall.

[00:01:46] Kimberly Weitkamp: Yes. Cause then you have to go back down and move it over and crawl up again. And suddenly you’re not nearly as motivated to catch the top.

[00:01:54] Kimberly Weitkamp: And you know, that that’s a really great Great topic to be talking about is making sure that our goals are leading us towards what we want to be doing. Right. And it’s really hard to focus and know what journey you want to be going on and what journey you want other people to be going on. If you don’t know what your goals are at the end.

[00:02:11] David Wood: And yeah. Can I say too, some people might think, oh, I’m too busy to do, to do a lot of planning. You might be too busy also to spend eight years focused on something. That’s not going to bring you happiness. That’s not very productive either. So for example, I studied to be an actuary and I spent eight years qualifying.

[00:02:34] David Wood: And then is that true? Eight years. Yeah, I think it was eight years. I think it took me eight years to actually qualify. And then I quit a year later. Imagine what I could have done with that time. Had I done some planning and known more, maybe worked with a coach. So I think having the right goal. Is important one so that you know what to focus on and then two, so that when you achieve it, it’ll actually be something that makes a difference to your life instead of shallow goal or the wrong goal or something that might’ve been for someone else to make them happy, or it might’ve been to stroke your ego.

[00:03:16] David Wood: And then you’ll find, oh my goodness, I don’t need a published book after all, but I didn’t know that.

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