Who Has Time to Do All This Mouse-Naming?

I get it. You’ve got money to make, clients to serve… a business to run! But here’s the thing. Not naming our mice (aka our feelings / emotions) is horrendously expensive. You’ve heard of the elephant in the room… well, the mouse is much more subtle!

  • How NOT naming your mice (aka bringing up feelings, emotions and issues) lead to bigger issues.
  • Why do you get angry about small things?
  • How to keep your customers and staff happy.

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[00:00:00] David Wood: Oh, my goodness. You so you are my new favorite podcast host for asking that question, Jim, so question is who’s got time to do all this mouse naming. I got, I got things to do. I got money to make. I got, I got clients to serve well, here’s the thing, not naming our mice is horrendously expensive. If I’ve got an issue with a client and I’m.

Naming my mice. I’m not sharing those issues and I’m not resolving them. I don’t want to talk to that client. I’m I’m, I’m avoiding that client because, because maybe I see them as a pain in the ass. Maybe they’ve got a, they’re doing things that don’t work for me. I just had a client, uh, miss a session. No notice.

Now that doesn’t work for me. Right? If I don’t address that, that’s a big. Might not be where for them, they’re like, Hey, I just, you know, I had a family thing. I had a family thing come up, Hey, I’m fine with a family thing coming up. But it’s very rare that something comes up that is so critical. And so urgent.

You can’t take five seconds to send a text, right. So I want to have that conversation with the client so that it’s not going to happen again. If I don’t name that mouse, maybe in two weeks, she misses another session. Right. And now I’ve got real issues with, with, with that client. So when we think I don’t have time to, to mouse name with my kids, really, you don’t, you know, you don’t want deeper connection with your kids.

That’s going to bite you in the butt at some point. Absolutely. What about with your partner? I don’t have time to go and name that when she said something yesterday, I felt a bit insulted. I don’t have time for that. Well, those that mouse is going to breed with other, other mice and then something else happens with my partner and I’m like, ah, it’s not worth rocking the boat.

I’m not going to bring it up. And then now I got another mouse and then eventually I’m going to blow up. I’m going to get really angry about some small thing that my partner did because I didn’t name my, so. Perfect example for me right now. I don’t want to invest more time. I don’t want to go and have a house meeting with my roommate.

It’s it could be awkward. He could get angry about stuff. I don’t want to have that house meeting, but I do know if I don’t name my mice. And if he doesn’t have a chance to name his mice, it’s going to cost me someone I’m living with. It’s gonna cost me big time. So. I’ve actually made time four times in the three months we’ve been living together to go and have half an hour to 45 minutes to talk about our mind.

’cause. I know if I don’t do it, something’s going to happen. He’ll get angry with me about something and I’m not going to get what I want in the house. So it’s so worth the investment in people and our relationships. If all you do is be it be transactional day in, day out. And by transactional. I mean, I’m just being practical.

I’m trying to get something done. If that’s all you do, people will not want to work with you. Customers will not want to be around you. Your staff eventually are going to leave for someone else. Your partner’s not going to be happy if you have one and your kids are going to be like where’s dad or where’s.

And on your death bed, you are not going to say, thank God I got all that stuff done. And I skipped all those tedious mouse, naming relational moments. You are not going to say that.

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