What’s Wrong Right Now? (And how to bust it open)


There’s nothing wrong. EVER. It’s the ego’s job to look at what is wrong and what needs to be fixed, but it can take control and lead you into unnecessary suffering before you have time for a second thought.

David discusses how we can hack into that cycle, so we’re able to process our thoughts  with less pain in tow–so we don’t get stuck thinking about “what’s wrong.”

  • Improve your life with four powerful questions
  • Easily bust through limiting beliefs
  • Understand how you’re viewing things at the moment
  • What if you felt a sense of peace about anything that happens in life?


Our thoughts give us our reality. True freedom comes when your mind is utterly free from all limitations.

– David Wood


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Cody Loughlin: [00:00:00] Are you ready, David?

David Wood: [00:00:02] I don’t know if I am, let’s find out.

Cody Loughlin: [00:00:04] So what is the one thing that you would teach about, that our schools don’t, that’s had a major impact on your life?

David Wood: [00:00:14] The idea that there’s nothing wrong. Ever. I know it’s the job of the ego to look at what is wrong and what needs to be fixed and whatever, but that can run the show way too often.

There’s actually no need ever for suffering. So whenever I suffer now I try and look at what am I believing that’s wrong right now. And then I start hacking into that.

Cody Loughlin: [00:00:42] How do you hack into it?

David Wood: [00:00:43] There’s a process I’ve found that Byron Katie teaches, called the work and it’s four questions in a turnaround.

So first you have to find the thought because we’re just swimming in it. We can’t see our thoughts, just like a fish can’t see the water, but let’s suppose I wake up. And I woke up this morning and I’m tired and I was feeling a sense of dread for the day. And I’m like, okay, what am I believing here?

And my belief was, I had to show up at a certain level. I had to have a certain amount of energy. I had to show up for all my meetings. And so you start doing Byron Katie’s process on that and you start hacking it. So the first question is. I have to have energy. Is it true. Yes, it’s true. I, it’s true.

You have to have energy. Can you absolutely know it to be true? No, I can’t know that I have to have energy for this podcast interview. I can’t know that I have to do the interview in the first place. I could lie on my bed and watch TV if I really need to. It just starts to crack it open.

And then how do you react? What’s the impact of that belief? The impact is I feel dread and I feel some anxiety and I’m not having a good time. All right. Last question. Who would you be without that thought? I have to have energy. Without that thought, I’d just be a guy making a cup of tea and walking around the house.

I’d be at peace. So those are the four questions that start hacking into your mind, which was tunnel vision and subconsciously believing I have to have energy today. That’s a problem. There’s something wrong, now I’ve started changing it up and I’m like, I don’t know if that’s true. So now I’m not feeling as worried anymore.

And the last step of that, once you’ve done those four questions is you turn it over. Hey, I have to have energy. What’s an opposite. I have to have no energy. All right. That’s just challenge. Can I find an example for that? Yeah. When I want to relax, I want to bring my energy down. That’s a very relaxed state.

Okay. I have to have, I have to, I don’t have to have energy for the, for an interview. True. I don’t, because usually when I start an interview, the energy comes from out of nowhere. So I realized I don’t have to have energy right now. I don’t have to have energy right now because I’m not doing an interview right now.

I’m making a cup of tea who needs energy to make a cup of tea. So you see, I’m starting to hack the thought and we’ll do two more opposites. Like other people have to have energy or I have to have a peace. And by the time I’m done with that, the last question is I have to have energy. Am I sure? No, I’m not sure at all.

So that’s one way that I hack into my negative beliefs whenever I’m thinking something’s wrong. And if you’re ever upset or stressed or frustrated or angry, guaranteed, there’s a thought at the bottom of that. That something’s wrong or it shouldn’t be this way. It should be a different way. That’s the core belief required for any kind of suffering.

So once we know that we can work backwards, find the belief and hack it as I, I haven’t actually found a thought that I absolutely know to be true. Isn’t that interesting. In 10 years of investigating my beliefs, haven’t found something I can absolutely know,

Cody Loughlin: [00:04:24] Got my brain working man. And so I’m thinking from in the high impact series, usually what I do is I want something for an actionable piece for parents to be able to talk to their kids about. And when I think about what that. What the takeaway is. I love that process, right? So it was Byron Katie, the work, right?

What was that it?

David Wood: [00:04:45] Yeah, you can go to  thework.com and she’s got free videos and free downloads, and you can watch her do the work with people and stuff. You would swear. Must be true and watch them busted open and find their way to peace and love.

Cody Loughlin: [00:05:01] Okay. Yeah.

So that’s one thing, because that’s an actionable piece to go.

And I would say maybe even I would say watch a few on your own before bringing your kids. But I think about from the kid’s point of view, when I was thinking as a kid, I didn’t think, I didn’t think about my thoughts. Does that make sense? Yeah. And so I, and I think that was a part, we were talking on the main interview, like when we’re talking of the matrix and I’m plugging those things, is that there’s an ability to think about your thoughts is, it’s not just the way the world is and in it.

And I wonder what the reaction would be from. A 17 year old that as you’re talking to thinking about the thoughts, if that’s an ability to get in, to help crack what seems to be an epidemic with  today’s youth with his anxiety, right? Yeah. I was always like, ah, you’re nervous before a big event, but it seems as we’ve, as the things have progressed, it’s no, I have anxiety.

Like nothing’s even going on and I don’t feel, and so you can you can start to open that. You’re opening a, an ability to think about your thoughts and  break it down and to say, what’s, this isn’t really that big of a deal.

David Wood: [00:06:13] And we talked about the matrix before, when Neo was in the matrix, he did know he was in the matrix, but he started suspecting something’s going on and his question was valid.

What is the matrix what’s going on? What’s the nature of reality. And then, for him, it was very simple because they had to show it simply for a movie. He was able to unplug boom, he’s out of the matrix. He realized, wow, I’ve been asleep this whole time. It was all it wasn’t real. I think that’s, what’s going on for us day to day, we are in a matrix.

We’ve got all these thoughts that we haven’t examined. We just think it’s true that guy’s a jerk. That guy’s a good guy. This is the way it works. We got all this stuff that we haven’t questioned and. When things are good. Okay. Fine. Why question it? We’ve got a great dream. We’ve got a great story about the world.

Let’s just live with that and enjoy it. But when you’re upset or you’re anxious, that’s when we can actually go and hack it, we can go and look at what am I believing now, firstly, for you to even do this work, you have to make one little shift. You have to believe. That our thoughts give us our reality.

Now that’s a big leap because what I used to think, and I think a lot of people still think this is that reality is out there. It’s real. Cody is real. I’m real. This business is real. This desk is real. And if I’m upset, it’s because of my reality is because, no, sorry, I made a mistake. It’s because of the reality.

It’s because of the pandemic. It’s because of the political situation as, because. Of the riots it’s because of whatever. I no longer believe that. I believe that my experience is 100% a function of what I’m believing. It’s not breaking my back in Columbia. When I had a paragliding accident, it was not breaking my back.

That gave me my experience of that day. It was what I was believing. I had a wonderful day. People were looking after me. I’m making jokes with people. They’re given me painkillers. It was an incredible experience. And you gave an example before we did this, started hitting record on this, about your son.

One person could say 2020 was horrible. Your son’s like I had a great time. It’s not what happens externally. It’s, everything’s run through this filter or this matrix, which I call the mind. And once we start to suspect, that’s possible, we get really interested in our thoughts. Byron Katie says the worst thing that can happen to you is a thought.

So let’s get in there. Find out what’s going on.

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