What’s Scary in Your Business?

What’s scary in your business that you may not want to face? I’m encouraging people, through willpower and using the brain cortex (willpower) to work it out. In this interview, I discuss:

  • Why inner work is a metaphor you extend to business.
  • What is scary that you may not want to face?
  • How to let go of your safety net.

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[00:00:00] David Wood: This is a huge topic for me. And I think we can go meta here. So this is a metaphor. The, you know, the not looking within is scary. I find it scary work, you know, I’ve been sobbing. I’ve, had panic attacks, I’ve done all sorts of stuff. Working with therapists, working with gurus, working with coaches to go inside and it’s not easy right now.

[00:00:21] David Wood: I’m I just decided to get into acting a few months ago and. It’s kind of a parallel path. It’s not always easy work. Sometimes it’s being on stage and having people laughing at you and then your old stuff comes up and gets triggered. And it’s like, I don’t want to feel like that again. So I totally have empathy for people who are like, oh boy, I don’t know.

[00:00:43] David Wood: Do I want to do the inner work? But I think it’s a metaphor. We can extend it to business. What is scary in your business that you may not want to face? For example, I, one thing for me that I’ve been putting off for a long time is reconnecting with all clients. It’s just like seeing how you’re doing and seeing if they want to coach with me again.

[00:01:06] David Wood: But what if they say no? What if they, what if they find it annoying? That’s a micro example of something that could be a little edgy in the business. Bigger examples for people are starting a business, letting go of their. Safety net, which could be a pain job asking a celebrity to endorse their product.

[00:01:26] David Wood: You know, when I reached out to Alan Alda from mash, for those who are too young to remember Alan Allah very scary, like pitching him to be on my podcast. So it’s not just the inner work, but it’s anything in life that looks a bit edgy. That looks a bit scary. I think we have an evolutionary. Gene in us that says don’t.

[00:01:50] David Wood: Because if we keep on stepping off cliffs to see what’s down the bottom, eventually, you know, the human race would die out. So I understand that it’s like, oh God, you know, let’s play safe. Let’s not do that because it could be awkward. Let’s not go and speak on stage. Let’s not go and sing in front of people.

[00:02:06] David Wood: Let’s not ask my partner for what I want in the bedroom. Let’s not make a confession to my kids. Cause that could be very embarrassing. All of these things. I understand it. I’m encouraging people to do is use our willpower and use our, our, our, our cortex to work out. If that what’s best for us, should I practice something called deliberate disc?

[00:02:36] David Wood: Should I actually find those edges and ride those edges. I’m a huge fan of it. I’ve done some things that are, you know, pretty damn scary, but on the other side is usually those great rewards. And that’s where I take my clients, not to places that I think they should go, but it’s like what would be an edge for you, but would improve your life.

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