What It Means To Be Extraordinary

Being extraordinary in business doesn’t mean it’s all about doubling your revenue or your time off. It means having the courage to do what’s right, telling the truth even when it’s difficult, and being of service. What I call the 3 Pillars.

  • How to be 30% more courageous and lean into your fears
  • The art of practising deliberate discomfort.
  • How truthful are you?
  • What it means to be in Service.

Step into extraordinary by being 30% more courageous.
– David Wood


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[00:00:00] David Wood: And what I want for people is three things. Yes. You double your revenue. I want yes. That you double your time off and I want you to be the extraordinary version of yourself that you want to be now. What does that mean? Well, one thing, and we talked about this a little bit in the pre-interview before, before we started recording.

Yeah. One thing is courage. If you can be 30% more courageous and lean into your fears and practice deliberate discomfort, then. I believe that is extraordinary because a lot of people are living in their comfort zone. So if you are just 30% more courageous, you’re already stepping into extraordinary. And then the second pillar of that is, is truth.

How truthful are you? We learned at an early age to. To lie, basically. And in fact, psychologists will say, this is an important part of a child’s evolution. When they first learned a lie, that’s showing the brain can do new things. Now they couldn’t do before.

[00:01:06] Todd Dexheimer: But you’re telling me my, my kids have brilliant brains.

Every time they lied

[00:01:11] David Wood: to me.

[00:01:13] Todd Dexheimer: I see, Hey here. I disciplined them for that, but yet I should be praising them.

[00:01:18] David Wood: Well, psychologists call it, just say celebrate. Um, but, but as we get older, I realized that lying because I did something wrong. Uh, it’s a self preservation mechanism, so it’s important. For example, if, if I’m I’m at I’m at the U S border, uh, this was before I had a green card, they say, are you planning to do any work in the U S Mr.

Wood? No, no. Now I work on my laptop all the time. Of course, I’m going to be checking email on whatever, but if I start talking about that, it might end up I’m denied at the border. So there are some times when it’s useful, it’s maybe not noble, but. There’s a lot of nobility in sharing the truth, particularly when we could lose something.

There’s something about saying no, at, at the bar saying yes at the border. Yes. I’m going to work on my laptop. I’ll be checking emails and whatever, is that okay. There’s something noble about that. And so I say, what would it be like if you were 30% more truthful? What if you did something? Uh, That your business partner might be upset about, and you’ve been holding onto it for a week, a month or five years.

What if you came clean and said, Hey, there’s something I want to confess something. I did that, that broken agreement, and I want to make it right with you and check for him. That’s a leadership move. That’s a connection move. That’s an extraordinary move. And we can practice more truth with our partner.

Hey, this there’s, I’d like more touch. I wonder if you’re interested in exploring that. That end. It requires courage to be more truthful. Um, so anyway, lots of examples, but I think courage is one of the pillars of being extraordinary. Truth is another pillar. And then you came up with one before we hit record, which is service.

And I think that’s true. People who, people who, uh, courageous, we want to watch them. We want to be around them. We watch movies about them. People who tell the truth. Particularly when, when it looks like there’s no reason to, and it’s totally scary. We want to be around them. We admire them and people who have service Martin Luther king Gandhi, mother Teresa, we, we worship them.

We idolize them. We wanna, we want to be ma’am in some way. I know I do. So, um, this doesn’t mean that you should go out and sell all of your items and give it to charity of it. All that you have to suddenly face every single fear, or you have to tell your deepest, darkest secrets to everybody, uh, in the next 24 hours.

I’m not saying that. That’s why I say what with 30% more truthful look like for you, take a risk. What would 30% more courage look like for you? And here’s a great exercise, Todd, uh, for listeners, if you want to take a piece of paper and a pen, right at the top of the page, what would I do? If I was fearless, not, you don’t have to be fearless, but just what would I do?

What would it look like in my business? Maybe there’s a celebrity. You’d ask for an endorsement. I know for years I’ve wanted to interview Alan Alda. I finally got around to pitching him last month. We are they 10 prospects you would call for your business? Is there a deal you want to do with somebody, uh, some alliances, some affiliates that you’d love to have promote your business?

What does it look like to be fearless? And I recommend having one page for business and a second page for personal. What would I say to my partner? If I was fearless, what would I say to my kids? To my friends, my business partner, my, my customers, at least let’s find out. And then you might want to go through and just circle two or three.

That would be a bit edgy, but not over the top. And then if those go pretty well, um, you might take on more on the list.

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