What Does FULL Self-Expression Look Like For You?


Are you living congruently and with integrity? Would you like to discover what it feels like to unleash the power of “FULL Self-Expression”?

Then this podcast is just for YOU. Hear David’s story from his time as an aspiring entrepreneur and musician who was crippled by fear until he became someone living life in full self-expression.

  • Learn what it is like to live in full self-expression.
  • Get a new perspective on your thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • Discover how far you can go when you are living in full self-expression.


When you are self-expressed in every area of your life, you live a life of integrity.

– David Wood


To find out more about Brian, go to https://brianondrako.com/ and watch the FULL INTERVIEW here.


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David Wood: [00:00:00] When they said you do this program, you will be self-expressed in every aspect of your life. And if you’re not, it will be an integrity issue for you. I remember those words, word for word, 20 something years later, because they made no sense to me at the time. I’m like, what the hell are you talking about?

I don’t care. I’m going to do it anyway, because I want to be trained as a coach. But you know what, during that program, that self-expression and leadership program, I was scared to play guitar in front of people. And I had a goal of being self-expressed if the guitar and playing and singing, this was before I went and did it as a professional entertainer.

Right. And then I ended up flying to The Bahamas during the program, and I took my guitar on the plane. I talked them into letting me take it cause they weren’t allowing any baggage. Sweet talk to him, they let me go on the plane. And while we’re on the plane, someone said to me, get your  guitar. I said, Oh, no one wants to hear it on here.

And she said, shut up. You’re scared. Go and get it. So I went down the back of the plane, had to now carry my guitar up the plane and sit there. And I’m playing American pie as quietly as possible. Some people got up and came and stood around me. So now there’s a group. It wouldn’t be allowed today. And then the stewardess comes down the plane and says, there’s an old lady who was in a wheelchair up in first-class says that you promised her a song.

I’m like, Oh my God, you’re kidding. I’d had a couple of beers. And I had promised her a song. I said, okay. So I go up again, everyone looking at me on the plane. I had to kneel in the aisle and play Johnny Be Good for this woman. And the stewardess said, and this is the guy who’s scared of playing in front of people.

Stewardess said, that’s so good. Would you be willing to do that over the PA system? So now the guy who can’t perform in front of anybody is now doing it over the PA system, and I’d never put it together until today, Brian, that I ended up making a career for a year and a half. My business was professional entertaining and it all happened out of that self-expression and leadership program that I did, not because I wanted to be self expressed.

I just wanted to coach others. And as I say, it accidentally changed my life because I got the promise of the program. I became self-expressed in every area of my life. And when I’m not, it feels off in my body and I have to go and correct it.

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