What Being Out of Integrity Will Cost You

In this interview, I chatted about what it’s like to be out of integrity and what impact and cost it can have on your life and your business.

Tune in for my real-life example, where I cover:

  • How to create more drama in life.
  • The impact secrets have on integrity.
  • My BIG mistake and the day I left everything behind in Bali.
  • Are you willing to take the risk?

Living in integrity means you can let go of a fear-driven life.
– David Wood


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[00:00:00] David Wood: That example of what I did in Bali is a good example of how to create drama in your life. That’s how, that’s how you do it. You do something that’s wrong or that other people think is wrong and you try and keep it a secret. Just watch friends on TV, right? You keep a secret. That’s how you create drama.

So if you want more, uh, excitement and drama in your life, then, um, have secrets and be out of integrity. That’s what I did. I was out of integrity and I was subletting and I knew it wasn’t okay. And I did it anyway, and I thought I was up for the consequences. I found out the consequences were even more dire than, than I’d imagined.

And it wasn’t a fun time that day of leaving Bali and leaving everything behind. I left my cat behind. I left my house behind all my furniture, uh, my friends, my life, the stuff that I’d trained, all of that. I had to go. And it was, I can’t tell you how stressful it is when you watch the bone identity and you see what spies do.

It seems very exciting. No was not exciting for me going through the airport and not knowing if I was flagged, not knowing if I was going to make it out of the country. That was not fun for me. I realized I’d make a lousy spy. ’cause, I can’t really handle it. So I just want to make that point by being out of integrity, by keeping secrets from people.

That’s how we create drama. So I wonder to make that point and I forgotten if there was a question, I apologize if we’ve gotten completely what, uh, what it was. Oh, the favorite spot in 93, I went to Bali and I was so moved by how open and friendly and honestly happy the people were that I was there visiting that country.

Hmm, that was so awesome. Delightful. And I’m like, all right. And that’s why I moved to Bali to immerse myself and learn Indonesian, learn common bile, unease, learn polite Balinese. So I could sit with them in their own language and speak. And I. More than any other place in the, uh, on the earth. I miss Bali.

And so if I didn’t have a Bella, my dog’s at my feet right now. If I didn’t have Bella, I would have already gone back to Bali for a trip, but I have to leave her behind. Cause you’re not allowed to have, you’re not allowed to bring any dogs into Bali under any circumstances. And I’ve thought about smuggling a dog in, but there’s another example.

Escalating and increasing your chance for drama for $2,000 there’s organizations that will get a dog into Bali, but if they catch you, they shoot the dog. That’s what happens. So I’m not willing, I’m not willing to do that. So one thing that I get really excited talking about is courage and. I say to all my clients and I say it ain’t anyone who’ll listen, just work out the consequences, the possible consequences.

Cause I used to be an actuary and it was all about risk assessment, work out. What could happen if you do something and are you willing to accept those consequences? This is responsibility. So let’s suppose you broke an agreement with your. And you’ve been holding onto that, right? Is it there’s a good example of something that people might keep as a secret you might think, oh, I heard David on this show and he was talking about telling the truth and taking risks.

And I wonder if I’m willing to do that, write down the consequences. My partner could leave me, you know, maybe, maybe he or she’s going to take the kids. Um, what else could happen? I could get angry. They could get upset. It could be really awkward. I could have to suffer the cold shoulder for some time, write it down and then decide if you’re willing to risk that for more possible connection for more possible love for more self-expression for more peace in your own nervous system, ask yourself, am I willing to take the risk?

And if you’re not okay, don’t do it. And if you are then, okay, you can roll the dice.

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