What Are Your Happiness Metrics?

Happiness is a complicated thing. And it can be hard to measure. But in this video, I offer actionable steps that you can use to assess whether you’re happy and find ways to make yourself happier!

  • A new perspective on measuring happiness
  • Understand the impact of time off on your life
  • Improve the quality of your family relationships
  • How to be more motivated to achieve your health goals
  • Why it’s essential to focus on the whole person.

Find out the top factors that make you feel happy. Then set a plan.
– David Wood

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[00:00:00] Kimberly Weitkamp: Tell me, what are some other happiness metrics? Some people kind of overlook, or especially for people who are, who are so invested in giving of themselves like coaches, right. To help others. What’s something that you know, other happiness metrics that they should be considering.

[00:00:13] David Wood: I love that question about happiness metrics, you know, Zig Ziglar, I think is the one who said money isn’t everything. But it rates right up there with oxygen. And I, you know, it’s like, and you know, if you’ve ever been poor, you know, when you worried about how to pay the rent or, or, you know, where the, where the, you know, how you, you know, you’re watching your grocery bill really carefully, you know more money can really make a difference.

[00:00:41] David Wood: It can give you a beautiful home. It can make travel possible. It can give you peace of mind. So I would say let’s use that as the first happiness metric. We just start with that because more money is better than less money, but as you say, it’s not the only thing. So what else do we want? Well, the next metric I usually look at with my clients is how’s your time off?

[00:01:05] David Wood: How much time off do you have? So you’ve got this much devoted to work. How much time off do you have? So if you’ve got a 40 hour work week right now, or a 50 hour work week right now, how do you want that to look a year from now? So then we’ve got money covered and then we have a goal of how much more time off do you want then ideally, there’ll be some relationship goals.

[00:01:29] David Wood: Like if you’re single. What kind of a difference would it make to your life to have a partner? If you do have a partnership, what would happen if the trust went up 50% or if your partners joy in being related to you went up 50%? Like, what would that be? Like? What if you were closer to your kids?

[00:01:50] David Wood: And your kids actually came to you for help or talk to you more, or you had more quality time. Let’s say 50% more quality time. Not just anytime, but really sitting with them and digging into their lives and finding out what, what makes them tick. Then there might be some personal goals. Like self-care, I think that’s so important and it’s so easy to focus on our businesses or our careers and not take care of ourself.

[00:02:19] David Wood: So is there a health goal, would you like to be fit or would you like to sleep better? Would you like to have 50% more energy? I love these questions. When, when people come to me, I’m like, let’s really find out what matters to you so that you leap out of bed, excited to work on your goals. And as you say, it’s not all about money.

[00:02:41] David Wood: We start there, but I look at the whole person and people who come to me for help don’t want just money as plenty of people they can go to for that. They come to me because they want someone who can help look at the whole picture. Start with money and then have your life be amazing too.

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