E006 Chris Attwood on How to Be Truly Happy

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The Tough Conversations we avoid tend to take up space and create unnecessary tension in our lives. One of the happiest people David knows, Chris, leads us down the path to happiness beginning with one amazing perspective shift – those tough conversations don’t have to be tough! Join David and Chris in this amazing discussion on the principles of attachment, perception and attention, and how it all applies to life AND business success.

Listen to learn:

– How the toughest conversation he’s ever had was over 44 years ago, and what makes conversations tough
– What Chris learned about growth, and we can too!
– Chris reveals the secret: How to be truly happy
– How he trained himself to look forward to/lean into tough conversations
– Why he began to question his beliefs, and why you need to have growth as your highest value
– Discover the kind of person that leans into tough conversations
– Learn what he found out about ‘doing life’, and the alternative that leads to happiness
– Chris shares the power of your attention
How to live unafraid and the antidote to fear!
– What Chris realized about suffering and misery
– Watch David’s own Ah-Ha moment as he applies this to his own life.
– Why Chris chooses to look for what makes him uncomfortable
– What clouds your perception and makes you complain about what you have
– How letting go of attachment produces results in the business world!
– Who we admire most

This fascinating talk is chock full of opportunities to lean in and grow. You can find out more about Chris Attwood at thebeyul.co.

The life we want could be on the other side of a tough conversation. If there’s a Tough Conversation you need to have, get access to my 4-Step Tough Conversations Blueprint here. It’s free and it could change your life.


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