The Zen of Focusing on Less


The more complexity we add to our lives, the more it creates stress and leads to a cycle of adding ‘more’ for us not to feel overwhelmed. Throw multitasking into the mix, and it’s no wonder that your brain has either launched an all-out attack or is just entirely on overload!

As entrepreneurs, we are particularly at risk when we are trying to focus on multiple business strategies.

David discusses:

  • Why your brain is NOT made for multitasking – particularly men!
  • How our complex brains crave the entertaining fix of focusing on multiple things.
  • What you can do to double your business by focusing on less.


You owe it to yourself to focus. You will double your business and make money, FAST.

– David Wood


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Brian Ondrako: [00:00:00] What do you mean by focusing on less? Because that could be taken a million different ways. Let’s start there and then we’ll go down that rabbit hole a little bit.

David Wood: [00:00:07] Yeah. Well, entrepreneurs are particularly at risk because well, humans in general, life is so complex today. I believe too. I imagine 2200 years ago, you’d wake up and say, I’m going to chop down that tree, go and sharpen your axe, go and chop down a tree.

Come back, have some food. Today, well done. It’s not like that today. For most of us, we’ve got so much complexity in our lives that it creates stress. And so, and then we need some alcohol to, to modify that. And then we need some coffee to regulars are so tired from all the stuff we’re trying to do.

And it’s this constant game where we just add more and more and more. On top of that, we try and multitask. We can’t really do it. Our brains aren’t made for it, particularly men, but we’ll try and multitask. Oh, there’s a text message. I’ll go and handle that. Now I’ll go and checking mail. And now let me just jump back.

It’s entertaining. It produces chemicals that can feel good in the body. But if our goal is, let’s say you want to double your business and you want to do it in the shortest possible time, then you don’t want to be trying to multitask. You don’t want to focus on five different target markets.

You don’t want to focus on five different messages. I will solve this problem for you. And these are my, these are the five problems I will solve. And these are the five different solutions I have for you. I’m getting, I’m starting to get stressed, just talking about it. And then let me try five different traffic sources.

I’m going to do LinkedIn traffic and I’m going to be on Instagram and I’m going to do Facebook paid ads. Plus, I’m going to have a guy or gal doing search engine optimization, right? Plus I’ll do Facebook. I’ll do a podcast or appearances  like this one. I’m almost looking forward to. Well, I am looking forward to say two months from now.

When my Facebook ads test will either be successful and we scale it or I can kill it and just focus on one marketing method. I love doing podcasts. It’s fun for me. You ask an insightful question. Hopefully I come up with a good answer. It’s serve somebody and then the right people can find me that, Hey, maybe I want to work with this guy.

And accelerate my business. I’m  I’m looking forward to that because it’d be how much more peaceful is it going to be? When I can just focus on one marketing method, I’ve already focused on one target market, entrepreneurs earning a minimum of 5,000 a month minimum and ideally 20,000 a month. And they want to double their business and they want to double their time off.

Boom. Now that took a long time and a lot of money and a lot of consulting and coaching to get to that. But I want that for all of my clients. That it doesn’t mean that if someone comes to you outside your target market and wants to pay you money, pay you money that you say no. What it means is that you choose one market to hang your hat on, one message that can get through the noise over and over and over again.

I hope you double your business by focusing on less, right. Get let’s get to that level of clarity. You got to have more peace in your life and you got to do better. You’ll actually make more money faster. But we need someone generally to reign us back in because I’m, like, my mind is constantly, what about this?

What about this? What even, I just started learning a programming language so I can program my own apps. Cause I’m a geek and I like that kind of thing. Am I going to rest on that? No, let’s go and study ethical hacking at the same time so I can learn how the internet works and how to break it so I can learn how to make it safer.

I’m doing that at the same time right now. That’s fun at the moment, but when it starts to get to being stressful and you find that you’re not doing it very well, like, if it, say it’s your business, we’re not just looking for entertainment now. So now you actually owe it to yourself to focus. That means that you need not just a to do list, but you need a not to do list.

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