The Power of Work Sprints


You deserve to be fully in control of your time. David’s secrets for more productive, successful days are simple and straightforward: plan at the macro level, so you know where you’re going with a clear path from start to finish; focus on what matters most by planning at the micro-level.

Listen in as David explains how to:

  • Schedule sprints so you can stay on task.
  • Commit to yourself, so you get it done.
  • Create mini-sprints to achieve more in less time.


When you’ve completed what is most important in your business, it feels amazing!

– David Wood


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Brian Ondrako: [00:00:00] Do you break down your day? Because I know one of the things I struggle with, and when I talked to a lot of folks, it seems like it’s similar is and actually, you’re talking about those time robbers of, Hey, we pick up the phone, someone texts us whenever. Do you have like certain methods where like you batch certain time or how do you, how do you structure maybe like more of the micro, like the actual day to be like, yeah,

David Wood: [00:00:22] Yeah.

I am glad you said micro. So I want to talk about macro and micro. So at the macro level, to focus, need to work out where you’re going. What are my 12 month goals? What are my eight week goals? And then we chunk it back and we come closer to the present. Do I have seven day goals? Every seven days? Do I know what I’m taking on by, by one o’clock mountain time?

Every Friday, I must have created my seven day goals or I have to pay $5 as a penalty to somebody. And some of my clients have to, they set it up to pay $5 to a political candidate they really don’t like, so it just gets your attention. I have to do that every seven days. So that’s starting to get micro.

And then what am I going to do tomorrow? Here’s something that I invite all of our, all of our listeners to do. Create what you’re going to do the next day. Choose two things. Only two. If I only got two things done tomorrow, what would they be? And work those out before you go to bed. You can do it at the end of your Workday.

Set an alarm four o’clock, choose your two needle movers for the business. Or you might want to do it in the morning. But how cool is it to wake up knowing what’s important and what you’re going to do? So that’s, we’ll call that semi micro. Now we come back to actual micro. I’ve woken up. How do we get into the day?

I recommend not checking email. Don’t check it. Don’t even check your phone. Don’t. You don’t even turn it off airplane mode. Mine’s on airplane mode. When I go to bed you could leave it on airplane mode until you’ve done your sprint. And I recommend that you book several sprints during the week. You might have Monday nine to 11, Tuesday nine to 11, Wednesday four to six, Saturday five to seven. Whatever it is, create some sprints.

I like two hours as a time. And then treat those as sacred dates with yourself. For those sprints, you will work on your needle movers. You say you’re, you don’t have to go back to the macro level. You don’t have to do that. You roll up your sleeves now, you’re in work mode. And then I, if say you got two hours, I like doing mini sprints of 25 minutes because I can stay focused.

It’s still hard, but I’m more likely to stay focused for 25 minutes than two hours. So set the timer. Hey, Siri, set time at 25 minutes. I already know what my goal is for that 25 minutes, not my two hour goal. My goal for 25 minutes, let’s see, create notes from this recording for this podcast might be like, make my notes for the editor.

Boom. I do that, the timer  goes off, I’ve got five minutes to make a cup of tea or do chin ups. And then I come back and I do my next 25 minutes sprint. Now at the end of that, let’s say I’ve done my two hours. Okay, fine. Now it’s okay to check email now. It’s okay to check voice messages and go off and start responding to the agenda of the world, but you’ve already done what was most important in your business. How good is that going to feel?

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