The Pathway to Radical Transformation

I’m going to share with you a powerful pathway to radical transformation that starts by simply naming your mice – aka expressing your feelings and emotions.

It’s something really important that can help us all create change in our lives. It’s so simple and yet we often avoid it because it’s uncomfortable. But if we’re serious about creating lasting change – having radical transformation – then we need to express our feelings.

  • How to manage the flood of doubt.
  • Why you don’t name your mice (aka your feelings).
  • What you can do to find inner peace.

Naming your feelings is the first step to radical transformation.
– David Wood

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How to Authentically Transform Your Life.
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[00:00:00] David Wood: So one, one thing we share in the book, as you check you, get consent, Hey, would you like to know the impact of, of that message? Um, you know, and it might not be easy to hear and if she says yes, then I’m like, I just noticed, I don’t want to hear it. You could keep doing it, keep doing you. You’re doing it for reason, but I’ve heard it so many times.

I don’t want to hear it. And I’m open to pushback. If you’re like, Hey, there’s something I really do want you to hear, you know, do it. But sometimes, um, you know, in the book we say, work out what good thing could happen. So why, why might you share it? This is so important because the mind will want to hide these mice from you.

Mind will go out. It’s going to be awkward. The mind will go no way. That’s going to go. Well, the mind will go. You could be shamed or they might get angry or, you know, all these bad things. So you have to, we’ve got a little worksheet for you. You have to write down what could happen. All I could feel closer to this person.

I could let go of this tension and feel lighter. We could work together better as a team. Um, I could be modeling for my kid, how to name mice. Like you just, you really get up close and personal with what could happen. And then what could go wrong? What am I scared of? Okay. They might get angry with me. I could lose my job.

I might get passed over for promotion. My partner might leave me all. My partner might give me the cold shoulder for a couple of days. Let’s work out. These are, this is why you haven’t named those mice. These are, this is why you’re hiding yourself from the world. It’s basically a book on how to have radical personal transformation, but we don’t say that.

And I haven’t said it before, even on all the interviews, um, growth will occur. So you go through the process and you weigh it up. All right. Here’s the upside. Here’s the downside. Am I willing to accept the consequences? If you’re not let’s suppose you ha, I’m going to take an extreme example. Let’s suppose you’re heading up.

Yeah. And you might be like, if I share this, my partner might leave me. If I share this, I can actually be in integrity and, and clean it up and make it right. And actually have some pace. And I can give my partner the choice as to whether or not this is a relationship they want to be in. Right. I’m getting in, I’m inspiring myself and you work that out and you say, and maybe you work with a coach on this.

You don’t have to do this. Yeah, the coaching and then you go and you decide, okay, I’m going to share it. I’m going to risk it. This is how I got into coaching. Catherine, this exact example, I was doing a course and someone revealed to me that she’d had an affair and she’d never come clean. And I coached her on what would be possible.

Yeah. Of coming clean. After 10 years of manipulating her husband and hiding them. She went and revealed it and came back and said, we felt we were walking on air all weekend in love.

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