The ONE Question to Ask Yourself Each Day

What’s the one question that all entrepreneurs should ask at the end of their day, and how can they schedule it? Tune into this week’s episode to hear some valuable tips:

  • Why the rest of the world can hijack your agenda
  • What happens when we are out of integrity
  • The feeling of true integrity in your body

If you could ONLY do two things on your business tomorrow, what would they be?
– David Wood


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David Wood: [00:00:00] The next layer is tomorrow. That’s the next layer. Yeah. So I think a wonderful practice and you guys please steal this if you like it. Is ask yourself at the end of every Workday and you might want to set an alarm. If I don’t set an alarm, nothing happens. So set that, set an alarm, say five o’clock every day.

The trick is you start to ignore the alarm, but you, so you need some discipline and the alarm goes off and it asks, it says. If you are only allowed two things tomorrow, you are only allowed to do two things on your business, what would they be? Yeah, that really focuses the mind and the business. And then put those post-it notes up on your accountability mirror.

I’ve got a board at home. Put those up at the top and then what I recommend you try it, just try it for a week. Is you do those two things first before you do anything else. And I mean, checking email, checking text messages, checking, like, you know, just keep your phone on airplane mode until you’ve done those two things.

Then you then allow your agenda to be hijacked by the rest of the world. Right. But that, I just say, try it out for seven days. There’s a feeling of peace and a feeling I call it integrity that you have when you are actually working first on the things that you have said are most important. It feels wonderful.

When you don’t do that, what happens is stress and you need alcohol and sugar and TV to medicate  and again, Hey, I’m  okay with that. If that’s your choice. Just know that that’s what’s going on.  Try out for seven days and see what true integrity feels like and what true productivity feels like.

Because even more than you being successful in your business, I want you to feel good in your own body. That’s actually what drives me.

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