The Nature of Reality


You may be living in a dream world and not even know it! We all view reality differently, but what if you’re experiencing your own personal “Matrix” moment?

David and Cody Loughlin discuss the concepts of:

  • Taking the brain ‘offline’ to see what is possible.
  • Harnessing curiosity to see your reality through different eyes.
  • Unplugging yourself from conditioned programming.


If you ask questions that evoke deep thought, you gain insights into a different reality.

– David Wood


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Cody Loughlin: [00:00:00] The way they see the world because the world is the way it is. We just look at it all differently. We use it from our own view a lot of times.

David Wood: [00:00:07] I don’t normally go here in podcast interviews, but what’s loading up for me. And it was already here from a couple of things you said earlier is I’m a huge fan of the movie, The Matrix.

Cody Loughlin: [00:00:17] I am too.

David Wood: [00:00:17] And one of the reasons I think it’s so powerful is because it well it matches my current model. Of how things are, or at least as close to it as my brain can get. So I think we’re all living in a matrix and it’s, we’re plugged in, and we’re in this artificial world, right? What me talking to you right now might as well be a virtual world where I’m just  plugged into some matrix.

It’s a dream world. And we live as if it’s real and that’s fine. I got no problem with that. I live as if you are real and as if you are a nice guy and I’ve got ideas and judgements and opinions about you already and about your show and we live as if things are real, that’s fine. That’s how, and this they’re doing a lot of study on this right now that the ego, that’s how we need to do it.

If you touch a hot plate and you get burned. You don’t want to keep touching that hot plate for the next five days to see if it’s still hot. You learned when that thing’s glowing red, it’s hot. Okay. We file that away. That becomes stable data. Now same with, my girlfriend or my ex-girlfriend.

She did this to me. Therefore, she’s a bitch. That’s become stable data. We build up all this stuff and what they’re trying to do. I think with some of the research now into siliciden and MDMA, and some of the medicines that they’re studying, is how do we take that part of the brain offline that knows everything.

That knows. This is what my kid would be a yes to. This is what my kid would be a no to. This is what’s okay to do. This is what’s not okay to do. How do we take that line and get back to a childlike view of the world where, and I’m not an expert in this at all. I’m a student of this. But I’m fascinated where we take the default mode network offline.

Like the matrix offline and then see what actually might be possible. Get back to full on curiosity. You’ll see people where they take mushrooms, magic mushrooms. They’ll go and look at a leaf with absolute wonder because they’re seeing it for the first time. They’re not seeing it through the stable data.

They’re like, Wow. Look at the patterns in this. So I know we’ve gone pretty deep, but this stuff’s fun for me.

Cody Loughlin: [00:02:43] That’s, there’s a part of the matrix where where Neo sits up and you realize he’s a battery and he pulls that thing off the back of his head, and he’s sitting there and he gets flushed out and he’s and then you’d realize it’s a way to, and I’ve been that’s when he like, that’s when he first pops out and that for me, was when I realized, when I started digging deep into paradigms and the way that you look at the world, that’s not the way the world really is, that you can control your emotions.

And you can, even if you are going in the wrong pattern and emotions, like you can stop, drop the baggage and completely change the way you feel about things. Because you’ve unplugged and it’s not, it doesn’t mean that’s the way the world is. And so it’s how you’re really looking into it. And that’s a, it’s a very interesting subject.

And it’s, because my experience has been this and I have this static data. David has bidding on his life. He’s got his own set of data. So when we have the same experience, we won’t experience the same way. All right. And that’s why there’s a, that’s why there’s a whole bunch of different kinds of genres of movies.

Cause we all feel differently about everything.

David Wood: [00:03:42] I believe that I am in my own dream state. I’m in my own world with my own views of everything. I will never ever know what it’s like for you to eat a bagel. I will never know if we’re actually ever talking about the same thing. We’ll never ever know, but we can guess at it.

We can get curious and we can try. There’s a process that they do here in Boulder and other locations around the world called circling. And we sit in a circle and someone will facilitate, and a birthday circle means one person will get all the attention. And if we were circling you Cody, the facilitator might be like, All right, what’s going on for you right now.

And we’ll all put our attention on you and we’ll all try and imagine what it’s like to be in your skin. And we’ll keep on asking questions. What’s that like for you? I, Hey, I imagine that’d be scary. Is it a scary Oh shit, I can’t handle it. Or is it a scary, like excited or is it something else?

And we’ll just keep on trying to get in your world. Who does that? I was like, this is a whole new thing. And I said to someone once, where’s the coaching, like what if they complaining about their girlfriend and this and that, you can see the, like, why aren’t you breaking up? And they said, no, circling is a whole other thing.

We just want to get what it’s like to be them so that they are not alone in it. And if you do it deep enough, they will pop and they’ll get their own insights. You just watch it. It’s magic and all this comes from one word, curiosity.

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