The Magic of 30% More Courage

Do you feel like your business is stuck? If so, here’s the magic of 30% more courage.

  • Why courage matters.
  • How you can lean into your courage.
  • Why 30% more courage is the sweet spot.
  • What can you do with more courage?

What would you do if you were more fearless?
– David Wood

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[00:00:00] David Wood: Well, I added the courage because once you’ve got twice as much revenue and twice as much time off, what I really get interested in is how are you showing up in the world. How are you showing up for yourself? How you’re showing up for your kids, for your partner, for your friends, for your customers, your clients.

[00:00:18] David Wood: I care about that. And I find that leaning into my courage has always helped me feel better about myself. I don’t always get what I want. But I feel proud that I didn’t let fear stop me. And I came up with 30% because there’s a sweet spot for all of us. A lot of us are playing too safe And if you’re playing too safe, you want to ramp it up a bit.

[00:00:45] David Wood: Some of us can hear this concept of courage and go and do some crazy stuff. And I’ve been one of them, you know, I’ve stepped off mountains

[00:00:54] Estie Rand: to get to the parasailing flatten spine.

[00:00:57] David Wood: Yeah. The paragliding and breaking my back. Sometimes I’ve gone too far. And paragliding. Yeah, that might be one example, being a paraglider and a motorcyclist together.

[00:01:10] David Wood: Probably not good for my life expectancy. I’ve also done things like explored open relationships where I’m dating a woman and she has other partners. And I have other partners. I that’s very scary for me. And I’m like, let’s see how far this goes and how, how far how much I can learn, how much I can open.

[00:01:30] David Wood: I found out that that’s too much. For me, I have a BA I have abandonment stuff so I can get triggered enough in monogamy. I don’t need polyamory to trigger me. So I don’t want anyone to go beyond their ed. I want you to find your edge and ride your edge and 30% as a nice round number. Just 30. If you were 30% more courageous, what might you do?

[00:01:56] David Wood: Would you start having cold showers? Would you go and have some tough conversations with people? You’ve been bugging you and your life, or you’ve got desires. You’ve been too scared to express. It’s a it’s rich territory. 30%. In fact is a, here’s an exercise. I often all listeners take a pen piece of paper and write up the top.

[00:02:19] David Wood: What would I do if I was fearless and see what comes out, you don’t have to do it all. This is where the 30% comes in. Then you just go and circle a few.

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