The Day My Paraglider Collapsed


There’s nothing like falling through the air at 300 feet with a collapsed paraglider to make you focus!

Listen in as I give my experience and expand on why we need constraints.

Constraints exist because they challenge us. What constraints do you have in place?

– David Wood

  • Why you need to constrain what you will achieve in 12 months, eight weeks and seven days.
  • How to be exceptional by taking advantage of constraints.

The best way to get the most out of your time is by having constraints.

– David Wood


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David Wood: [00:00:00] Yeah. See, we have the ability to focus. When I was about, four years ago, I was over the ocean in Bali. 300 feet above the ocean in a paraglider. And I had a full collapse of the paraglider. Now, do you think that I was focused then? I was highly focused, right? I am plummeting towards the earth.

And I managed to regain control of the wing and re-inflate it at about 80 feet above the ocean. Once I was in an armed holdup. I’m just at the counter, ready to do something with the department of motor vehicles. Guy comes in, jumps the counter with a ski mask. I was focused. I promise you guys. I was focused.

Everyone else in the room just stood there. I said, under my breath, I said, see ya and went straight for the door. Now guy came through the door with a gun, grabbed me and said, you’re not going anywhere. But again, hyper-focused people are down on the floor. And he’s screaming at them. Get up off the floor or I’ll shoot you.

And then people got their hands in the air and he’s screaming at them. Get your hands down or I’ll shoot you. I’m like. And he said to everybody face the wall, I’m like. Off the floor, hands down, look to the wall. Got it. I’m on this. So we have the ability. But as you say in our day to day, without the constraints, we have the constructs without that paragliding collapsed. Without an urgent deadline or without someone with a gun in our face.

We actually need some constructs. So yeah, let’s limit it. But it’s limit what we’re going to do in the next 12 months. A wise woman said to me once, I think I get it now, the top side, David Beckham, or Pele, the top soccer players, I’m dating myself now. They’re only able to be exceptional because of the lines drawn on the field.

Without those constraints, they don’t get to be exceptional. So constrain what you’ll achieve in 12 months, constrain what you’re doing eight weeks, in seven days. Constrain what you’ll do tomorrow and constrain what you’ll do in the 25 minutes when you’re doing your sprints.

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