The Art of Making The Deal – Part 5: Making Your List & Dreaming Big

In this 5-part series of The Art of Making The Deal, I’ve discussed many important pieces… from Possibility and Courage, to Persistency and Transparency.

In Part 5, we look at the importance of dreaming big and making a list of what you want in a deal.

  • Why your dream list is so important to making a deal.
  • What 10 or 20 things could you offer to form a strong alliance?

Dreaming big is the key to making your big deal.
– David Wood

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[00:00:00] David Wood: And I have have a resource recommendation. I read a book a long time ago. It’s called. I don’t even know if it’s in print, but if you can get yourself a copy, it’s called smart match alliances by earnest F R E N T. And Judy fell. I had trouble sleeping Corey. After I read that book, it gets you thinking about making lists, like, like say like I thought, well, Yahoo, I want an Alliance with Yahoo and they get, you’re making a list.

Uh, or the 10 or 20 things that I could offer, Yahoo articles, webinars, I’m coming to speak to their staff. Right? You start generating possibility. Then you make a dream list. What could they do for me? Well, they could offer coaching to their entire database. Okay. Let’s dream big. They could put my articles on their website.

They could, you know, and the list goes on. One of the examples I gave is if you sold high-end golf clubs, wouldn’t you want the local Ferrari dealership to give out a coupon as a thank you to every new customer. Yep. Boy, did that get me thinking? So there’s a resource. So

[00:01:15] Corey Kupfer: it’s the book. What is the book available?

What is it coming out? I know this episode airing in

[00:01:18] David Wood: March. Uh, the mini book is available now. We’ve already got a, a preview that you can download it. Uh, illustrations of six different categories of mice. We’ve identified that you might want a name and it’ll get you started for sure. By the time people are listening to this in March, the physical book may be out, but either way.

Got a mouse in the and you can either buy the book or you can join our campaign. We want this to be an Amazon bestseller. We’re going to play the game really just as a way of having a party and getting people together. I believe this book can change the world. It’s more transparency is what I believe we need so that we can start to love ourselves more.

Love each other more. And it’s not going to hurt our business either. So mouse in the room, whatever stage you get to that website, you can either join the campaign and help us promote it and get the thing out. Or you can just get yourself a copy or you’ll be able to get the trailer, the mini book that’s already available.

[00:02:19] Corey Kupfer: What does freedom mean to you and how does it impact your life and business?

[00:02:24] David Wood: I wrote a book that was going to be called the four freedoms and. I see financial freedom. I see geographical freedom to be out wherever you want. I see time freedom to choose when to work and not, and I’m blessed to have all three of those, but the fourth, I think is most important, which is emotional freedom.

And that’s where this next book comes in the mouse in the room. Your freedom to realize who you are and what’s going on inside. That’s the first. Most of us don’t know. And then once you do realize it, artful ways to clue in the person you’re relating with so that you can be more connected and bring light to those areas.

And you may just find that you are modeling for them so that they now they feel more confident to bring more of themselves. Like, oh, since you said that, I wonder if I could share this now we’re more related. So that fourth freedom. That’s the big one on. For everyone, another way of calling it, I don’t normally call this cause it can freak some clients out, but it’s self-love is at the core of so much here.

Can we actually have the freedom to love ourselves warts and all, all good things stem from there.

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