Stop Going a Mile Wide…

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs and small business owners go one mile wide with multiple ‘things’ rather than the more successful strategy of going one inch wide.

  • Why you need to tame your mind.
  • How to select one problem and one solution.

The key to success in business is going deep and staying focused.
– David Wood


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John Lee Dumas: [00:00:00] I’m a big believer in that. So many people that are entrepreneurs that are small business owners, they are going one mile wide with all of these ideas and only going one inch deep. And they’re really not making any impressions as a result where, and the flip side, if they just want one inch wide and one mile deep on one thing.

And I love the word focus that you use because the acronym that I love saying about that word is follow one course until success. That’s follow one course until success. What are your thoughts about that whole one mile wide versus one inch wide philosophy.

David Wood: [00:00:35] It’s so true. Now, the first thing to do is become aware of it because once we become aware of the nature of our own mind, we can start playing with it. And we can start reigning it in a little bit. So let’s take business owners, of course, as an example, you’ve got your target market, right? I want to help entrepreneurs and executives and leaders of any kind and couples in relationship. But what’s that going to do to my business, if I try and do that.

And then what about the problems your target market has? If you had one target market, you might want to help entrepreneurs with focus with feeling overwhelmed with revenue. With time off. You see how we’re getting scattered. Now we’ve got 25 combinations of target markets and problems, we’re already in trouble.

And this is before we get to trial your traffic sources. Yeah. I want to do LinkedIn and I want to do Facebook ads and I want to do article marketing and I want to do SEO and I want to do social media. It’s just way too much to do everything well. And Clay Collins came up with a really simple model.

Pick one of these areas, one target market, one problem set. One. No, take out the word set. Right? We don’t want a problem set. One problem. One solution that you provide. One traffic source. And then do all that for one year. Now I know that’s a big ask for entrepreneurs because we’re like, but I’ve got this opportunity. I’ve got this opportunity.

Let’s just use that as a baseline so you can measure yourself against it and see how scattered you might be. Then you’ve got a shot of coming back into focus.

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