S02E01: Speak with Love or Not at All + Shadow Healing

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There’s a dark or shadow side to everyone, and often that dark side shows up when we’re emotional or have charge with someone. The key is to heal that ‘shadow’ and communicate with compassion and respect – as difficult as that may be. In this episode, I interview Matthew Mitchell, a transformational speaker and coach who is even bolder than I am with speaking his truth. We talk about:

  • Shadow sides and what shows up in his shadow
  • What is the shadow and who has one
  • What made me trust and respect him more
  • The dangers of not speaking with compassion
  • Why it’s important to speak with love
  • What I realized was missing from my Tough Conversations model
  • How to access love, respect and compassion even when you have charge
  • The importance of knowing where your lines are drawn
  • The power of modeling behavior
  • How not to vilify the other person and more.

Are you able to speak with love and compassion when you’re in disagreement with someone? I’d love to hear about a conversation you had with love – or one that you wish you did! Drop it in the comments below!

You can watch Matthew’s Provocative Conversations Series here.

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