Simple & Powerful Task System


Imagine if you had the perfect system to get more things done in the next seven days, without feeling overwhelmed.

Join David as he demonstrates his Scrum Board:

  • How to put together an easy 4-step system.
  • No fancy software necessary!
  • Why you’ll feel accomplished when you’re done. It’s that simple.


Who needs fancy software? I get more achieved in seven days with my scrum board system.

– David Wood


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– Video Transcript – 

David Wood: [00:00:00] Now I’m really a real fan of the scrum board. If anyone’s watching the video, I’m showing four columns one, two, three, four. Yeah. That last column has really one column. And so on the left-hand side, that’s all the stuff I want to do. There’s a bunch I want to get to and I will do it, but I’m not putting it in this week’s column.

So the next column is what I’m actually taking on for the next seven days. And that’s not too overwhelming. I’ve got seven or eight things and the next column is what I’m doing right now. And only one is allowed to go in that column. So it’s such a, and then the right, the last column is wins.

That’s what I’ve actually handled. And it’s so satisfying to move these things around and put the post-it notes up here and go, all right, this is the one thing I’m doing now. Hey, it’s done. Over onto the win column, it’s really simple way of not overwhelming ourselves and focusing on what matters.

Josh Handt: [00:01:02] That’s and that’s.

And that was for those that are, that didn’t get to see it. Those are post-it notes, right? This wasn’t like a fancy downloaded application for your computer, your phone. Like this could be something. If you’re working from home, like many people are. Post-it notes as simple

as that.

David Wood: [00:01:19] Exactly. And I if it looked, this is basically like Trello, if you use the app Trello.

So for my staff that work in another location, we use Trello. For their goals and for measuring stuff, but the stuff that I’m doing, I was using Trello. And then I was using, I even created a course for myself using this online course software. So I get reward points whenever I do something. You know what?

This is my favorite. So far, just whole bunch of colored post-it notes. Color-coded, throw them up there. And when I want to look at what’s next. I looked at that list and then I reordered them for the day. It’s all right. It’ll be one, two, three, and four if I get to it. So simple. So satisfying.

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