Self-Expression: The Missing Element in Business

Why do we need self-expression in business? The need for self-expression in business is important, because it ensures you are able to fully express your personality, skills and abilities.

Tune in as I discuss:

  • How to increase your comfort levels when expressing yourself.
  • Why pushing the edge is a good thing.
  • How self-expression leads to freedom.
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Great Balls of Fire!

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[00:00:00] David Wood: I like to use the metaphor from the Truman show. Have you seen the movie? The Truman show, Jim Carey? All right. Well, if you, if you haven’t watched it, guys listen to spoiler alert. You might want to just fast, forward 30 seconds, but in the Truman show, he has literal walls to his world, but he doesn’t know it.

And what he’s, what he’s life is about is discovering those walls and breaking through. And I believe the tough conversations we haven’t had, the scary things that we don’t face form the boundaries of our world. They form the walls and every time we lean into that edge and do something, that’s a bit uncomfortable.

We push those walls back just a little bit, keep doing that every week, every month, every year, every decade, every day. And then by the time our life is done. Our wall will be so much bigger than when we began it.

[00:01:01] Shahid Durrani: So speaking about comfort zone, do you have your guitar now? Yeah, you’re going to play something.

[00:01:08] David Wood: I do. Yeah. You want a little all right.

[00:01:13] Shahid Durrani: Well why do I have options of songs? Or like what, what can you, what songs, what options do we have?

[00:01:20] David Wood: I can do some some some, you know, like fifties and sixties rock, like you know, what great balls of fire you do that let’s do it. Well, this is a first I’ve done 160 podcast interviews. I’ve never played a song.

[00:01:36] Shahid Durrani: Go! Weclomeup to super entrepreneurs, podcast.

[00:01:39] David Wood: Yep. All right.

Shake my nerves and rattle my brain too much. Now I’ve got a man insane, but my well, goodness. Well, it was a fine, I left it. I thought it was funny. You came along and you move. You put my well

kiss my baby go baby. It feels so good. Oh my baby. I want to hold your lack of the fine. I want to tell the vote your mind, mind, mind nails, and are real nervous.

[00:02:39] Shahid Durrani: Amazing. Awesome. So I guess your comfort level has increased tremendously from that plane. Yeah, that’s awesome. You’re pretty good.

[00:02:49] David Wood: Thank you. Thank you. So it started with, I’m really scared. I’m really nervous, and this is really awkward. And then playing on that plane was a big deal for me. And then I went and practice and I learned a bunch of stuff.

And then I kept pushing the edge. I started, I went back to Australia, quit my job. And I thought, what would I do if I had six months to do anything in the world? And I thought I would like to entertain people. So for a year and a half, I actually went to pubs and potties and on boats and on T E and just played and sang.

And I wasn’t great at it, but I had a lot of fun and I now something like that is easy for me. And that’s a great example. I think, of course, very, very scary. Now I could get on stage in front of a thousand people and just do an awesome song and it’s, it’s like, it’s just fun for me. It’s amazing. So imagine if, if say 80% of what’s scary for you now.

Imagine if in two or three years, it was no longer scary. Imagine if you were just totally free to ask anyone to endorse your product or ask anyone to work with you or ask anyone for a date or ask anyone to go to bed. Like, what if you, you know, to really push the envelope? What if you would just read it?

Free to be fully self-expressed. I don’t know many people who have that freedom. I’m still working on it. I’m a work in progress, but self-expression feels so good when you have just for the sake of.

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