How To Remove Yourself As The Bottleneck


Learn why you’re the bottleneck in your business!

Consider this: you’re the one person your business relies on for everything. But to be successful, it’s important that “you” don’t rely solely on yourself.

David reveals:

  • How to save time and mental energy with the 4D Audit.
  • How to identify and solve bottleneck issues.
  • How to use your time wisely by focusing on what is important.

 You’re the bottleneck in your business when it relies on you for everything. So delegate, delete, delay, THEN do.

– David Wood


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– Video Transcript –

Josh Handt: [00:00:00]

So the not to do list, just to go on that for a second, would you say that not to do list is a huge piece or all of the piece of that bottleneck? We’re talking about like an invisible ceiling.

David Wood: [00:00:12] You’re usually the bottleneck in your business when you’re the one who’s that, that the business relies on for everything.

So I was the bottleneck three months ago when it came to getting booked on podcasts like yours. Because it was just me and I didn’t have time to do it. So then I went and hired two different people and trained them up and it was a pain in the butt to do it. But now that it’s done, I, man, I just looked at my email this morning and one of my guys has just sent out 20 different pitches.

I’m like, oh, like I’m exhaling going, I love that is happening without me. So that’s what I mean by removing yourself as the bottleneck. You want to, this is a really great exercise for if you have a job or a business, this is great. Do a 4D audit. And I’m just writing down the time reference here.

Cause I want to, I’m probably going to want this clip. 4D audit. You list everything that you do. So in a given week here, all the tasks and you can probably fit it on one page, the different tasks that you’re doing in your business or your job, and then take a look at, should I be doing all of those things?

And here’s where the four Ds come in. So one D is for delegate. And you might go, all right, I’m going to delegate say half of the stuff on this list, maybe not today, but over the next three months or year, I’m going to move that off my plate. And then the next D is delete. Are there things here that actually don’t really add value to your business?

Maybe you’d like to do them, but you don’t really have time. So let’s just delete those. And the third D is for delay. I want to do this. I’m not willing to delete it, but it doesn’t make sense for me to, I’m just going to stress myself out if I try and do it in the next three months or six months. So I will delay that and you can put it in your calendar to revisit it down the track.

I’m feeling some relief in my body just saying that because I can imagine now, instead of my mind thinking I have to deal with it. Nope. It’s off. For example, for me, Alliance marketing. Marketing through partners and having this cross promote each other on emails. I want to do that. I really want to do that, but it’s a deal I made with myself.

I can’t do that. One, I’m also focusing on being on podcasts is just too stressful. I think we covered, Oh, and the fourth D is, do. I will keep this, these are the things I will actually do.

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