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Real Estate Tycoon Success Secrets with Stephen Tebo

In this Extraordinary Focus podcast, I interview Stephen Tebo of Tebo Properties, where we take a journey on his early life, business, real estate, vintage cars, and what it takes to be successful!

Tune in as we cover:

  • Why email can be a thorn in your side, and why you should be picking up the phone instead.
  • Being more productive via a PA.
  • The essence of doing what you love if you want to make money!
  • Importance of asking for help.
  • How to get a home loan.
  • Is fake it until you make it valid?
  • The key to success – learning as you go.
  • Why it’s critical to reinvest time and money and never take out your money.
  • How to relish deferred compensation.
  • The 3 Keys for success.
  • Why it’s vitally important to give back to the community.


Stephen Tebo took himself from a shoe-shining job at age 8, to a real estate business boasting over 4 MILLION square feet of real estate, and a larger vintage car collection than Jay Leno.

To learn more about Stephen, visit

If you want to be successful, you work harder, longer and smarter than the other guys.
– Stephen Tebo

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