How To Put Yourself In The Top 5%


When you were a kid, it was easy to get distracted with new toys. But now that we’re adults and have the responsibility of our business and family, Shiny Object Syndrome can be detrimental in more ways than one.

What are the things that draw you in and attempt to hijack your time? Get clear on what you need to focus on.

– David Wood

David shares his top tips to get clarity on what matters:

  • What to focus on to put you in the Top 5% who achieve their goals.
  • How his client hit 6 Figures a month and moved his family from the UK to Costa Rica to live their dream life!


Be rigorous in your “NOT TO DO” list and you’ll work less and achieve more.

– David Wood


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– Video Transcript – 

Josh Handt: [00:00:00]

There was in there, there was something the shiny object syndrome. And I’d have so fallen for this in my life. Probably. Many times, you know, in my profession and my personal life, jumping around, looking for the next best thing that might be able to help me. And it just spreads me thin and then I don’t know which direction they’re going.

So can you talk about that? The shiny object syndrome for people that don’t know what it is and give us some examples that are, you know, that you’re seeing with the people you’re working with.

David Wood: [00:00:29] Yeah, I think the name came from the idea of a kid playing with toys will keep on moving from one to the other and go for the next shiny object.

Like, Oh, this train looks good. Oh, this doll looks good. Hey, I can build this over here or look at this. And that’s fun for entertainment. That’s good for entertainment. And the problem is a lot of us are doing that in our lives and our businesses without realizing it. So I have one, I had one client Bradley long time to me and I had permission.

Any names I give, I’ve got permission to share. He came to me and he was successful in his business. He was just feeling quite scattered and he’s like, I’m not focusing on any one thing for any solid duration of time. And what that meant was one his business wasn’t growing as fast as it could. Which was a problem for him and his wife.

And secondly, he was feeling scattered and frustrated at the end of the day because he got to work on a whole bunch of different things, but he wasn’t growing the revenue and he wasn’t growing his time off, which again was frustrating for him and his family, his wife, and his four kids. So what was, yeah, well in a fifth on the way.

Wow. So, what we did with him is we started to focus. We’re like, let’s look at what really matters to you. Let’s what do you want in the business 12 months from now? How’s it going to look? So he’s starting to paint a picture. That’s the first step. And then we started working out what he was not to do.

What are the things that draw you in attempting, but a time sucks. And so we created a, not to do list. If you just do that listeners, you just create, look, we’re going into the new year. You just create your vision of what the new year looks like. And then have a list of what you’re not going to spend your time on.

That’s going to put you ahead of 95% of the population.

Josh Handt: [00:02:30]

I liked that the not to do list

David Wood: [00:02:33] Oh critical. It happened to him is he moved his whole family from the UK to Costa Rica. They had their fifth child, he cut his hours in half and then started breaking sales records in his company month after month cracking a hundred thousand dollars, which he’d never done before.

So you actually can, if you’re going to be rigorous in your not to do list and you’re going to focus on what really matters, you can actually work less and achieve more. It sounds like a sales pitch. And it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. And then it’s not actually available to you.

Josh Handt: [00:03:10] Yeah. So let’s dive into that concept because this is important that, you know, he, half this time made more money. Have more time with family, which is obviously probably one of his big core values, you know, to have that time available five kids. I mean, how could you not, how could that not be, obviously there’s gotta be some kind of value there.

David Wood: [00:03:28]

Yeah and he started teaching ninjitsu to the local kids in Costa Rica. That was something he was now able to do. Yeah. And I don’t know what that added to his life, but I’m just imagining it and I’m feeling good. And I got goosebumps right now. Just the idea of him contributing to the local town.

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