Podcasting for Influence

There are two types of people in this world: those that have never heard a podcast and those who are listening to podcasts on their commute, while cooking dinner or doing exercise. The best part about them? You can use them for influence!

If you want more customers, then here’s my tips:

  • How to use speaking as a way of marketing.
  • Why using other podcasts is a key strategy to get your name out there.
  • How to be a guest on podcasts.
  • Why it’s important to niche and work out the topic of your own podcast.

Wrap what you do in what people care about.
– David Wood

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[00:00:00] Tibor Nagy: Because my intention with the show is to help business owners use podcasting to build their brand and increase their influence.

[00:00:06] David Wood: Yeah. I’m happy to talk about that. And I, I liked that question because it allows me to go back and analyze like, why, like, why did I make this strategy decision? Well, it started because.

[00:00:18] David Wood: I’m good at speaking. And so I was going to devote my time to speaking as a way of marketing. And this is like live going out on stages. And this is before the pandemic. So we’re talking about maybe two, two and a half years ago. I was looking at like, what am I really going to do to get my message out?

[00:00:36] David Wood: And then someone, a good friend of mine suggested why don’t you do a guest appearances on podcasts? Because, and then I figured, well, then I don’t have to leave my home. I, I don’t have all the travel and I can still have influence by being a guest expert on podcasts. So I’ve been going deep into that and I think I’ve done about 160 interviews in the last couple of years.

[00:01:00] David Wood: Wow. And then very wise woman by the name of Emily Rosen said, look, if you’re going to be on other people’s podcasts, you really should have your own. And I said, why, why should I, my honor, she said, well, when you’re on someone’s podcast, you can invite them to go to your website and download something or subscribe or whatever.

[00:01:26] David Wood: But they’ve already shown that they listened to podcasts. That’s what they do. So, you know, one smart thing you could do is at the end of the podcast, your call to action could be gone, go and get on my podcast as well. And then once they’re on that podcast, you can have your other calls to action to get them on the email list and whatever that made a lot of sense to me.

[00:01:45] David Wood: So that was the main reason that I created the podcast. And then the secondary one that I’ve discovered since is it’s a really great way to connect with a lot of people. And so now I’ve, I’ve had some people like Like John Gray, who wrote the book, men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. I know John, but we’re not like buddies.

[00:02:06] David Wood: I don’t have his cell phone number or anything. And so I’m not gonna really get to hang out with John except I have a podcast. And so, you know, I pitched he’s assistant to, to interview John and he was a yes. And so I got to hang out with John for an hour and, and built the relationship. So. Those are two big reasons.

[00:02:27] David Wood: I think to have a podcast. One is if you’re going to be an expert on other people’s podcasts, this is a way that people can, can, can join you. And the other one is you get some really great relationships. Like I know some amazing people now over these last couple of years, simply because I have a podcast and because they have a podcast and then, then you get into the favor business.

[00:02:49] David Wood: Right. So you want this for influence? I just reached out, I won’t, I won’t mention names, but someone who’s one of the top podcasters in the industry I reached out and said, look, I wonder if you’d be open to making a few introductions for me. Here’s my wishlist. Looked at my emails this morning, he’s gone and made three introductions to people that it could have taken me another year or two to get to, and to getting to him, took something I had to get to introductions to get to him initially and then built the relationship.

[00:03:21] David Wood: So it’s almost like climbing a ladder. You know, you go rung by rung by rung up the ladder of influence.

[00:03:28] David Wood: Nice. Were

[00:03:28] Tibor Nagy: you strategic about the topic of your show? Did you want to kind of like attract the audience that you want to serve as clients, right?

[00:03:36] David Wood: Yeah. Yeah. So I think the question is how, how do, how niche do you go and how did you work out the topic of the podcast?

[00:03:45] David Wood: I’m on my third iteration. Well, maybe it’s second iteration, but the third brand. So I started with a brain to play for real, because I want to help I like helping business owners to make more money. But. What’s more exciting for me is looking at who they are as a person and how they’re showing up in the world.

[00:04:05] David Wood: So for example, I just had a coaching session with a guy who’s product’s going viral. So we just talked all about business, but I’ve got another session later today. She’s a business owner. Sometimes she brings business issues. Sometimes it’s like, how do I support my husband? He’s going through a really rough time now.

[00:04:21] David Wood: And I just don’t know how to help. I’m unusual in that I straddle both business and life and I look at the whole person. So play for real was my brand. And I started the podcast called play for real. Then I realized, you know what, that’s fine for someone like Tony Robbins, who’s already got a massive following and is hugely established.

[00:04:45] David Wood: He can, you know, he can do something like unleash the giant within like something very broad. But for someone like me, it’s probably not the best idea. So I decided to pick a lane and to go deep because we don’t want to go a mile wide and an inch deep. We want to go an inch wide and a mile deep. So I decided, look, what do I really love?

[00:05:09] David Wood: I love courage. And I love tough conversations because when we avoid tough conversations, our world gets smaller. A whole life gets smaller. When we lean into a tough conversations, we get to grow, get great business results, great relationships. So I decided that’s it. I’m going to pick up. So I rebranded the podcast, rebranded the website and when did deep into tough conversations for a year, maybe a year and a half.

[00:05:40] David Wood: Wow. To a point, it worked like I, I got established in the industry. I was able to create an amazing download and build a, build a following. And I got a couple of corporate gigs or business gigs. But it wasn’t really taking off and I realized, you know what, I’m selling a process here. I’m not selling it.

[00:06:02] David Wood: I’m not selling a benefit. People buy benefits more than they buy a process. And so I thought this is kind of a tough niche for me. And I decided to rebrand again. And I looked at what do my clients really want? What did I care about? I know what I care about. What do they care about? Well, most of them care about making more money.

[00:06:24] David Wood: They want more money and they’d like it this year. And so I’m like, okay, I can, I can do that. And then what’s the second thing that they want. Usually they want more time off. So working a 40, 50, 60 hours a week, isn’t really sustainable for them. They want to leverage their time so they can get better results in half the time.

[00:06:47] David Wood: And I I’m like, I mean, helping clients to do that for 20 years, so I can do that. So, and then the third thing that I believe that they want is they want to grow. They want to see their blind spots. They want their relationships to be better. They want to be more courageous. They want to, they want to be. A more extraordinary human.

[00:07:08] David Wood: And so I’ve wrapped and that’s what I truly care about, but I’ve wrapped that in what they care about. And so extraordinary focus is the new brand and I’m launching a new podcast around that and it’s focused on entrepreneurs. Whereas for the other brands were just anybody, you know, entrepreneurs, executives, leaders of any kind.

[00:07:33] David Wood: Or just P people at a job. It was very broad. And again, I’m not Tony Robbins, so I can’t really afford to do that. So this new brand is focused on business owners. You’re a business owner, you’re up and running. You’re already making at least five grand a month. And ideally 10 or 20 a month, you got a good product or a service, and you want to double revenue and you want to grow as a person.

[00:07:58] David Wood: That’s the new niche.

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