E001 Trailer: Tough Conversations for Teams, Companies and High Performers

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Avoiding Tough Conversations as leaders keeps us stuck and small, and is horrendously expensive. Our teams and companies are less engaged, experiencing conflict, and sometimes even quitting. But having Tough Conversations with courage and skill can become the defining moments of our careers, our relationships, and our lives. And employees become happier, thriving contributors who want to stick around because they love their job.

David Wood talks with thought leaders like Byron Katie and Jack Canfield, top CEOs, and even prison inmates, to help you identify your Tough-Conversations Waiting-to-Happen, and to have those conversations with confidence and skill. So instead of the conversations blowing up in your face, you will artfully transform them into landmark events that expand your life, business, career, team and company. Tough Conversations = Extraordinary Work Results + Life Results. “The gold lies just on the other side of those scary interactions.”

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