Play Bigger. Achieve More. Have It All!

You want to play bigger, but you don’t know how? Well, I have the answer for you. Alliances! They provide a multitude of benefits that can see you achieve more and be more.

In an interview with Anna Parker-Naples, I cover:

  • Why alliances can skyrocket your business.
  • What it takes for a successful alliance.
  • How to make the most of your business through alliances.

When you think big and play big in your business, you can have it all.
– David Wood


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Anna Parker-Naples: [00:00:00] How can we make sure that we are being exceptional in any area of our life? You’re talking about having it in multiple areas, which is like the golden dream. How can we actually do this?

David Wood: [00:00:12] Yeah, I like what you said about thinking bigger. So in your business, grab a pen, grab a piece of paper and start brainstorming.

What would have your business really take off? So alliances is a great area. I built my business partially based on alliances. And when I met Jack Canfield, who is the co-founder of Chicken Soup For The Soul, among many other things, I was nervous. You know, everyone’s trying to get some time with Jack.

And he was speaking at an event and I just waited until he was done and he was walking away and I got in tow and just said, Hey, I’m impressed by your success and your books make me cry. And we started chatting and as we’re talking, I said, you know, my email list isn’t that big at the time, it was about 40,000.

He said, well, that’s about half of mine. He said, we should do business. Wow. Okay. That was exciting. But what it took was the walking up. That’s what it took. It was the walking up. And then we did do some cross promotion. And talk about visibility. Bill Harris from Holosync Sync and Bill’s since passed away.

But Holosync was a huge thing with CDs with binaural beats and like that. He reached out and said, I see you’re doing business with Jack. We also do business with Jack. Maybe we should talk. And then when I did my book launch, Holosync very generously agreed to send an email to their 750,000 person database.

Right. So there’s some visibility, but it was that, oh, let me should I walk up. shall I not walk up? It’s so scary.

Anna Parker-Naples: [00:01:58] I wonder what the other door David had not taken that moment to go, I’m just going to do it anyway. Even if I look like I’m stupid, if you’ve done, if you’d sat there, what would your life look like now?

Can you even begin to imagine?

David Wood: [00:02:10] Right. I just think it would be a smaller version and we can always look back like the time when you know, I walked up to that woman in a bar and asked her out. You know, or a dance. If I didn’t have the courage to go up there and just dance with her and see what happened.

We wouldn’t have had a two and a half year relationship. Right. I love your question about like, what’s that the path, the road not traveled. Right.

Anna Parker-Naples: [00:02:38] One of my favorite films is the sliding doors when it’s Powell truck from years ago. And I always come back to this one, it’s kind of off tangent, but that night, cause it’s all about, she gets pickpocketed as she’s getting on the tube.

I think she’s getting on. As I came out of the cinema in Manchester city center, I was pick-pocketed that night. And I always felt like, have I just watched that film and have I now created this scenario where another Anna’s doing completely different things.

David Wood: [00:03:03] Yeah. Yeah. Slight love sliding doors. So I don’t want listeners .

I don’t want anyone to be thinking oh if only. If only I’d done that if only I’d gone for that. So let’s start with a list. You can start looking at alliances. Who would you love to be promoting your product or service or talking about your product or service or having as a client so that they might maybe they’ll do a testimonial for you.

Maybe they’ll love your, what you provide so much that they’ll give you an endorsement. I’ve got one person, who’s a dear friend. Now who’s sent an email for me three or four months ago saying if you can get on David’s calendar, if you want to double your business and you can get on his calendar, you should take advantage of this.

I had 63 people book a session with me from that one email. So alliances are so powerful, but often we’re too timid.

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