Most Important Skill You Can Learn

In order to have an impact in the world, you need people on your team. In this video I share a skill that is more important than any other when it comes to realizing your business vision.

  • Enrolling vs training vs manipulation.
  • How enrolment = manifestation.

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[00:00:00] David Wood: I love this topic. You know, the topic of training people versus giving up because you can give up, you can get combative, you can be angry and frustrated. You can just be stressed. But training people another word really useful is enrollment.

[00:00:20] David Wood: I got this from landmark education, let’s just say you’re selling people or you’re leading people. And some people say, well, isn’t that a manipulation? Hey, we manipulating everybody all the time. And this whole podcast is how to manipulate yourself into double productivity and manifesting what you want in time and space.

[00:00:41] David Wood: So I love this whole it’s so important to learn how to enroll people. It’s funny. I don’t want to say the word a billionaire. I just enrolled a billionaire in a deal. And that was, now I get all the benefits that they always living in a wonderful home. Enrolling people, the landlord to give me that space, man, I can relax peace.

[00:01:05] David Wood: So I can’t overstate the importance of enrollment in our lives, as you learn to do that, you can manifest so much more because now I want to enroll the perfect person to share the house. And then I want to enroll someone in working for me and being motivated. Enrollment is one of the greatest skills we can learn in our life.

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