Leverage Your Time with the 4D Time Audit


You are so busy doing all the little things in your business instead of focusing on big-picture items!

The most important thing you can do for your business is to work out your Genius Zone.

– David Wood

When you’re out of your Genius Zone, it is impossible to leverage your time and grow your business.

Discover the secret to get more done in less time:

  • How you can harness the 4D Audit to focus on things that move the needle in your business.
  • How to stop losing precious time and energy.
  • Why hiring someone costs you less.


NOT paying for a coach is costing you way more time and energy.

– Brian Ondrako


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Brian Ondrako: [00:00:00] If you’re not good at designing graphics, should you, you know, you shouldn’t go learning Photoshop. You should just hire someone to do some of those graphics. Cause the cost of your time is way less than what it would take to actually learn. Right?

David Wood: [00:00:14] Absolutely. So if you. You what you need to do. I get my clients to do an audit and anybody listening can do this.

And get a piece of paper. You write down all of the activities you do in your business. And on another piece of paper, write down all of the activities that you do in your life, and then circle the ones that you love. Ideally, you love them. And you’re great at them. That’s your genius zone. Is circle those things. Say, all right, I’m going to keep those.

The rest of the stuff you want to work out what to do. And I call this the Four D audit. So one D is what will I delete. The super important, you’ve got to free up time so that you can work on the stuff that’s going to move the needle in your business. So I’m gonna delete this, this, this, and this, and you’ll put those on your not to do list.

This is a commitment to yourself. Might be a month. I’m not going to do these things. Next, delay. All right. I can’t delete these. I do need to get them done in the next year, but not now. My brain can’t doesn’t have the Ram to hold this stuff. So I’ll put this on a delay list and then the next one is delegate.

So social media, I don’t want to be doing social media posting. I don’t have the time. It’s not really my thing. So I’ve hired someone to handle that video editing. I like doing it. I’m a geek and sometimes I’ll do it just for the fun, but that’s where you got to have that conversation, right. It’s fun, but it’s not serving my business.

So I hire someone. To go and do that now with the programming language, this is a really good example. I’m learning flutter, which will allow me to create apps for Android and iOS. Now I’m doing that as a labor of love. I love that stuff, but here’s what I don’t love. Spending two days trying to find a bug and work it out when someone else could find it in 10 minutes.

That’s not fun for me. So I have hired a tutor. We had a lesson yesterday. He controlled my screen, my computer both of my computers. Got them all set up in this programming environment, took an hour and 45 minutes. Could have taken me three days. So I got a coach. Now with this ethical hacking, I’m running into problems now.

It’s kind of fun looking around the web and findings and then solve it. Okay. That’s cool. But there are some things takes people days and days and days, someone else could say 10 minutes, here’s what you do. And here’s why, right. So, you know, the analogy, you know, the metaphor blows me away for, you know what, for my business in your own business, you could work out, how to grow your business. You could Google it. You could go and ask friends. You can do all that stuff. You can do the slow way if that’s fun for you. But sometimes a coach could say, Hey, have you thought of this? No, I hadn’t thought of that. All right. You want to try that out? Yeah. You got it. I’ll try it out.

I’ll try. And then I’ll come back. I’ll let you know how it goes. Wow. I hadn’t actually, never used that, the way. I’m a keep on hiring coaches in my personal life. I’d never seen how that applied to the whole metaphor of hiring a coach and business. That’s fun for me.

Brian Ondrako: [00:03:38] Well, I mean, I think you’re onto something from a standpoint that we buy a lot of things personally, right? We’re always buying stuff, spending, you know, to improve our life. You know, we’ll buy a better coffee maker to make the coffee quicker or something like, but when it comes to business, sometimes we and I, and I know I, I can, I can kind of look in the mirror on this one is like, we kind of go into this mode of like, well, let me try to do as much as I can, let me save.

So we think we’re saving money. By not paying for coaches, by not paying for automation, but yet it actually is costing us way more time and energy.

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