How To Let Go and Be Yourself

As humans, we like to control everything around us, including ourselves. But what if you let go and just be yourself?

I share:

  • Why you feel drained and stressed.
  • How to empower your relationships by artfully naming your mice (aka feelings).
  • What it means to share your innermost self with others.
  • How NOT to betray yourself.
  • Why the act of revealing yourself to others is worth the risk.

Showing your true self is an act of faith.
– David Wood

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[00:00:00] James P Friel: I think anybody who has clients sometimes has client issues.

[00:00:03] David Wood: Yeah. Right. So, um, sometimes my job is to encourage her to work out her mice, like, well, what’s going on? Well, I feel drained and I feel stressed and I’m like, well, is this person trainable? Is this something you can show them how to be with you?

That would be a win. And you would enjoy. And if the answer is yes, then, okay. We talk about training, you know, let’s, let’s set some boundaries, let’s make some requests, let’s set up your clients from now on with very clear understandings of how much access they have to you. For example, right. Now, if it’s not, if you don’t think they’re trainable and no matter what you do, it’s always going to be a struggle, then let’s look at how you can artfully name that. So they feel empowered and you can part ways as friends. So that it might seem like a little thing. But if you’ve got clients that are stressing you and you’re not enjoying your work, it’s going to impact everything and it impacts your energy. It impacts how you show up.

It impacts your sales calls. So that was just just one example I thought of where mouse naming can make a difference. Um, I’ve got one client who’s in a middle of a book launch right now. And one of the questions that I, I think I mentioned before that I ask every week before we even get on the phone, you need to answer, if you were fearless this week, what would you do?

And, uh, and he had, well, there, there are 10 affiliates that I’d like to approach. And there’s one really big one. And I, I, you know, he’d already said no, but if I was fearless, I’d probably go and hit him up again. So we brainstormed, how could you enroll him? What’s in this for him? How can you make it compelling?

So he’s like, oh yeah, that sounds good. We brainstormed a few things. He went back and he said, the guy said no again. And then came back to him a week later and said, you know, I been thinking about this, I think this could be really cool. Uh, so that took courage for him and it took transparency. He had to show himself, I have a desire to work with you and to do this with you, are you willing that it’s a little scary, revealing yourself to the world.

Apparently Meisner, um, the, the acting teacher. Oh, I don’t know. I’m I’m, I’m quoting someone else. It’s in his book. He quotes someone who. Um, acting is the act of self betrayal. And I’m like, what, what does that mean?

And it means you are sharing your inner most self with others. And so you’re kind of betraying yourself to show that to the world. It’s an act of massive surrender. And, uh, earlier when you’re speaking, I’m a control freak. And a lot of, a lot of people have learned to try and control life. And I understand that, but we don’t have a billionth of the information to make the right decision in any given moment.

We just, we don’t have all the information.

So it takes an act of surrender and faith to say, I am going to reveal myself to you and I’m going to take a risk and the universe, you can do what you want with that. And I trust that that’s going to lead somewhere good. It really is an act of faith, particularly after a lifetime of the opposite.

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