Laser Focus at the Macro AND Micro Level


You have had business success, but why do you feel like you are pulled in so many different directions?

Let’s take an example. If you have multiple target markets, solve many problems, devise many solutions, and utilise many traffic sources, it can be hard to stay focused.

The key to achieving twice as much in half the time is to focus at both the macro and micro level.

David explains to Deb Krier:

  • The secrets to staying focused and on task.
  • How you can enable hyper-focus, so you always stay ahead of your game.
  • How to turn off distractions.


When you set macro and micro goals, you can achieve twice as much in half the time.

– David Wood


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David Wood: [00:00:00] The reason I’m so keen about focus is because I’ve recognized in myself where my mind wants to go off on 20 different tangents. And and I noticed, when people come to me, business owners come to me, they’re already doing well. Cause I don’t work with start-ups.

Deb Krier: [00:00:16] We’ll just put it there.

David Wood: [00:00:17] Yeah. Yeah. That’s right. And you want to already have an income, because to get you from zero to 5,000 a month is a lot harder to take you from 5,000 to 10,000. That I can do. You’re already up and running. You’ve proven yourself. But when they come to me, what the issue is, they’re pulled in so many different directions.

Let’s just take your target market. There are five different target markets that you want to help people with. And then what about the problems they have? They have five different problems that you would like to serve. And then five different solutions, five different traffic sources. You can see how scattered we can get so quickly.

So that’s why I’m so passionate. And I’ve realized too, we’ve got focus problems at the micro level. And then focus problems at the macro level. So let’s just, let’s take macro first. Okay. We’ve got a new year, 20 21. What do you want to achieve this year now? As soon as you ask yourself that question, the mind will probably, if you give it time, it’ll come up with so many different things, but if you don’t focus, you’re going to feel overwhelmed and you’re not going to be very productive and you’re not going to maybe get any of it.

So at the macro level, let’s choose, let’s have our goals 12 months. Eight weeks and then let’s start to bring it back. But then we’ve got issues at the micro level. Let’s suppose Deb, you sit down today, two o’clock and you say this is a sprint I’m actually going to focus. A lot of people don’t do that.

They just work through email the whole day, but let’s suppose you say I’m going to focus. These are my sprints. You sit down. Let’s suppose you write down. Here’s what I’m going to do in the next 25 minutes. All right. So we’re getting hyper-focused already, I’ve got a 25 minute timer. Let’s see. I look up on my scrum board.

I’ve got a job here, a little task, little post-it note said ping podcast hosts. Those are the ones that are playing coy. And my guy Mick Keller’s reaching out too, and they haven’t booked me yet. My job is to reach out and say, Hey. You’re awesome. I’m awesome. Let’s do something. So that’s the task and I’ve got 25 minutes to do it.

What happens? Ping? Oh, this little message. I’ve got a message from Josh telling me he’s got his first standup comedy happening and can I join and support him? And I’m like, Oh, let me just get back to Josh. And then I need to send an email to ping a host. So again, in then I see my inbox oh now we’re in trouble.

I’m gone. I can’t actually look at those emails without responding to a couple. So now I’m actually, I’m gone. So we have problems at the macro level and at the micro level. And I’m here to tell you listeners, it’s not that complex, a few simple things. I’m not saying they’re easy, but a few simple practices you can bring into your life.

That will be a game changer. You literally can achieve twice as much of what matters to you in half the time.

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