It Takes Courage To Name Your Mice

The elephant isn’t the only animal in the room.  There’s a much more subtle creature… mice. It has been said that talking about emotions (aka, naming your mice) is seen as a sign of weakness. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! A lack of discussion leads only to frustration and resentment, which ultimately damages your company’s relationships with clients or staff members alike.

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[00:00:00] David Wood: Yes, you will need courage to name your mice. It can be scary. Like one, one fear I have is that someone might say, oh, you’re being too sensitive. Right? Like my feelings are too much. If I say, Hey, I felt, I felt like my cousin wants at a wedding, made a joke at my expense and everybody laughed. And um, often we won’t know what our mice are w but a clue.

And we cover this in the book, a clue. You just don’t like it, you just don’t like what’s happening. You know, it doesn’t feel good. Now if I could sit with that a little bit and I did go outside and got some fresh air, sit with it, I might go, oh, I felt like people were making fun of me and it didn’t feel good.

And I feel like I want to leave the wedding. Those, uh, those, uh, uh, three mice. I don’t feel good. Uh, I it’s, some people even know, oh, it’s in my belly. They know where it is in their body. And, um, it seemed like it was at my expense and I want to leave right now and I’m not going to leave because it’s it, because it’s, someone’s, someone’s getting married.

Someone who I care about these are all mice that eventually I did get to share with my cousin. And we were so much closer after it. In fact, he was the one that approached me called me 10 years after the wedding and said, I’m doing a personal growth program and I’m cleaning up. Things in my past, and I’m realizing I made a joke at your expense and I’m really sorry.

I was like, oh my God. Yeah. Now that you say it, this is what was going on for me. Boy, do I trust that guy now? Maybe three times more than I did before, because he came to me and named one of his mice.

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