How to Transform Your Business Relationships

We all have one thing in common: we communicate. Whether it be with our friends, family, employees or clients. We must find that fine line between sharing what’s on your mind and letting others know how they affect you emotionally.

But it doesn’t stop there! When business owners take their relationship skills beyond the boardroom into other aspects like self-expression relationships flourish.

In this interview, I discuss:

  • Why self-expression is critical in connecting with others.
  • The key aspects of transparency and vulnerability.

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[00:00:00] David Wood: Communications like breathing. We, we use it all the time or we could be using it all the time and we don’t even know what’s what we’re missing until we see someone else do something and go, wait, how did you do that? How did you influence that person? How did you get them to a yes. How did you transform that relationship?

I had my landlord move in downstairs. Recently, and he crossed a boundary with me big time. He would open the adjoining door and come into my space without notice. And you know, initially I tried communicating and I tried talking with him and, and he said, I’m not asking you permission. I’m just telling you, this is how it’s going to be.

I was having a panic attack. And initially I called the. You know, I did a reasonably calm leaks since I’m having a panic attack. And I said, Hey, can you help mediate? Is there something you can do? And, and they did. They help mediate, but I then used everything. I had took me a couple of days. He used all the skills that I’d learned.

And I transformed that relationship from him being an enemy downstairs, where I’m calling the police to an ally, who’s picking up groceries for me in town and I’m helping him carry his groceries. And like this guy became a, this guy became a friend, but I had to use everything that I had. I wish I’d had that when I was beginning.

I wish I knew about revealing. I wish I knew about transparency. I wish I knew about vulnerability. I wish I knew about curiosity. These are the things I teach managers and, and and sometimes vice presidents and directors so that they can have a better time being a leader within the company.

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