How to Play at 150%

There are always ways to get ahead of everyone else who is playing halfway. How? By playing at 150%.  When you do, you accomplish way more in life and business than you thought was possible.

I cover:

  • How to go about getting what you want.
  • Why FOCUS is critical.
  • A technique to stop ‘quitting’ in its tracks.

There are always ways to get ahead of everyone else who is playing halfway.
– David Wood


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[00:00:00] Brandon Uttley: By the way that was an amazing accomplishment to rank number one. Were you the first one or how did that happen? You do work diligently to get ranked on Google like that.

[00:00:09] David Wood: Well, when I want something, I usually go and study how to get it. So I was looking on, on the web for how to rank on the search engines.

[00:00:19] David Wood: And this has gone. I mean, I’ve been coaching for 23 years. So this is probably going back 15 years, 20 years, something like that. But, you know, I found out how to do it and they said, all right, you need, you need certain links on your website and you need people to link to you and you need this and that.

[00:00:35] David Wood: So I went and did it all. Now back then, it was easier. But I was very proud that out of 23 million results, I would come up. Number one. Now you got to keep working at that staff. And I, I, wasn’t interested in keeping that up. So now I’m probably like ranked a thousand. But you know, I think this brings up a really good point.

[00:00:52] David Wood: If something matters to you, how do you go about getting it? Like, so you want Jack Canfield or I wanted Richard Branson to write the forward to my book, man. Hmm. I was like, how does it happen? So I’m just trying to think of, of a current example acting, right. I want to, I want to get into acting and and so I’m like, well, how do you do it?

[00:01:16] David Wood: So I went and found a podcast and I started listening to the podcast. Then I found a zoom call. I reached out a couple of friends who I knew, knew something about it. I got advice from them. One of them said, go to this Beverly Hills Playhouse and train with them. They have a zoom call. So now I’m subscribed to that.

[00:01:34] David Wood: And then I went and looked up books and I found a book and I started reading that. And then I found my research showed me an acting class and the guy said I could order it for free. So I did a four hour acting class. And for the first time in my life, I was able to cry on cue during a scene on zoom.

[00:01:54] David Wood: And then I started telling people, Hey, this is what I want. Cause you got to put it out to the universe, by the way, listeners, you may not want to get into acting, but I hope you’re listening to this from how can you really dive into something that matters to you? And then a friend said, I’m going to go and audition for a play.

[00:02:12] David Wood: Do you want to come? I was like, I don’t, I don’t know what I’m doing, but okay. So I went and I went and bought the script, which was not required, but I figured I should know the script. I memorized three of the scenes, all of the parts, because I wanted to read for four of them. I learned a German accent by Googling online, how to do a German accent so I can speak like this if I need to be drumming.

[00:02:37] David Wood: And and then I went and, oh, and I got an, I hired an acting coach for one. Okay, give me tips. I did all of that. When did the audition for Dracula and guess what? They offered me a role in the play. This is last play I did was, was when I was five years old. Well, I’m 52. They offered me a play a role and they happened to offer me the lead in the play.

[00:03:03] David Wood: So now I’m playing Dracula in a nine in a paid production. So this is all to say. When you pick something like you want to rank number one on Google or whatever it is, there’s so many different ways you can, you can go about it and you don’t have to play half halfway. You can play full. Yeah.

[00:03:26] Brandon Uttley: Well, congratulations.

[00:03:27] Brandon Uttley: So they wanted a Dracula with a German accent. Is that right?

[00:03:30] David Wood: I don’t know. I was the own. I learned the German accent to do van Helsing. Who’s the vampires. I see. So I did a British accent for some of them. I did a German accent for some, I might’ve just done an Australian accent for another role, but I really, I really don’t know.

[00:03:51] Brandon Uttley: Nice. See, I don’t, I think the stereotype Dracula is I been to suck your blood,

[00:03:56] David Wood: right? Like the iPhone through suck. I know I didn’t, I didn’t, I didn’t want to do the classy

[00:04:00] Brandon Uttley: cliche. You should, you should hit it hard with the Australian accent. I, I won’t suck you’ll blood or how

[00:04:07] David Wood: say it. I want to suck your blood mate.

[00:04:09] David Wood: Yeah.

[00:04:11] Brandon Uttley: I just be, just be angry about it. Oh, well, that’s great. I love that. That you said, you know, you got to pick what you’re going to go after, whether it’s to you know, start your own business or yeah. Acting pick up an instrument for the first time in your life. I’m trying to do that. I decided to start with the violin.

[00:04:29] Brandon Uttley: Why not? Good CA how can, how hard could that be? Yeah. Pretty, pretty darn hard.

[00:04:35] David Wood: Oh, and another thing that just came to mind is I really have wanted to connect with a celebrity for 20 years. And this is Alan Alda who played the role by Pierce in magic. Love that guy. My wife loves him.

[00:04:50] Brandon Uttley: Yeah, he is

[00:04:51] David Wood: awesome.

[00:04:52] David Wood: I think he’s amazing. So I’ve been like, how do I do it? And for me, Maybe a year. I was like, what would I do? What would I do? And finally, I went and did some research, just looked him up, looked up a couple of interviews, looked at his website, look, what’s going on. And six months later I was rehearsing a speech in my head.

[00:05:13] David Wood: And I was just imagining talking to a group of people about this exact thing, how to get what you want. And I thought about Alan Alda and I thought, you know, I don’t really know how to approach him. And then I realized, yes, I did. I just didn’t want to do it. He’s got a a Patrion group for his podcasts.

[00:05:30] David Wood: There’s a fundraiser. And if you become a patron there, you can join a zoom call with him once a month and ask him questions live nice. And I thought, well, there’s a start. There’s a start. Also, you went into a draw to win a one-on-one call with him. And so I’m like, I’m going to go. Now four months later, I’ve been on three zoom calls with him.

[00:05:57] David Wood: I have asked him some questions face to face. He’s done the recording for my voicemail. So people call my phone. Now it’s Alan Alda, same David Wood. Can’t come to the phone right now. He’s probably listening to my podcast and I pitched him on that call. And I. What would be the best way to approach you to to be on my podcast because I just want to hang with him.

[00:06:19] David Wood: And I figured being on my podcast would be a great way to do it. Anyway. I’ve now achieved the goal of some hang time with Alan older. It’s not quite going to his house. And I have not gotten to know about being on my podcast. I’ve reached out six times. To his production assistant, because he told me, reach out to my production person and then we’ll see what we can do.

[00:06:41] David Wood: And, and I haven’t gotten to know each time. She’s like, okay, I’m going to go and nudge his executive assistant. But all this is to say, if there’s something you really want, start investigating, start asking for advice, go and get a coach, ask your friends who knows someone and keep going at it. Now look, I may never get to hang out face to face with Alan Alda, but I’m giving it a good shot.

[00:07:05] David Wood: And and I want everyone, I don’t want you to go for everything. You don’t have time, but go for the stuff that really matters. You know, when I wanted to learn Balinese very hard language, and there are no training courses. I created my own training program. I got a book. I would read the English. I had a bolonaise guy read the bolonaise and I recorded it, made the audio.

[00:07:29] David Wood: So I could go over and over and listened to the accent, created my own dictionary of, of words, the local language school said, can we borrow your dictionary? This is in Bali. They’re like, we don’t have anything like that. I’m like, yeah, go for it. There are ways, there are always ways to get ahead of everyone else who is playing halfway.

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