How to Narrow Your Target Market

It isn’t easy to create a marketing campaign that appeals equally to your target demographics when they have different needs. This leads to a lead magnet that is so generic it doesn’t appeal to anybody.

  • Know how to present yourself as THE specialist in your defined target market.
  • Why it’s okay to have different target markets and what to do about it.

Position yourself as the best in your market by providing something that no one else can.

– David Wood


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Seth Greene: [00:00:00] You gave an example earlier about a target market. Can you talk about how you helped someone narrow down their target market?

David Wood: [00:00:05] Yeah. Yeah. So again, using Amy as an example, she was tempted to go for the corporate market and she wanted to go for the individual market and I’m like, look, and I tell, I tell all my clients is you can do both.

If people come to you and they want to pay you a lot of money to do their own home. So yes. Uh, but pick one to put all your energy into, pick one, to put all your advertising into pick one, to target, create your lead magnet for, and that’s another example. So she decided to go with the corporate market.

Now, once you’ve done that and you’ve picked your market to hang your hat on now, your lead magnet, it’s going to be easier. Everything’s gotta be easier. So what are you going to offer them on the website? Um, well for a corporate market, maybe it’s, maybe it’s three, three things you can do to have your employees happier in the current pandemic.

Maybe that’s it right. Just off the top of my head. But before she chose the market, it was hard to create a lead magnet because she’s got five markets. She needs five lead magnets. Or you make

Seth Greene: [00:01:20] one broad enough for everybody that’s so generic. It appeals to nobody.

David Wood: [00:01:24] Exactly, exactly. So I just coached somebody yesterday on, on writing a book and it’s a very, it’s a very exciting concept about gamifying behavior, but as we got into it, there are whole books there.

And I said, look, you could do one for everybody and have a chapter on everything. But I would rather see you do one on gamifying marketing with that. Right now, if that’s publisher, that’ll help with that. If that’s hot, which it is, I want to read the book right. The next, the next, the next book could be, um, Gamifying your team so that you get more out of your team as a manager, the next book could be personal productivity, how to game-ify your own life.

And then another book could be for educators. So only pick one and have it be amazing, be successful at that. People will drag you out of that niche to do everything else.

Seth Greene: [00:02:52] Who’s an ideal client for you. Who is an ideal entrepreneur for this program.

David Wood: [00:02:56] Thank you. I love that question. I just thought about Sam Page is one of my clients and God, I love this guy. He’s ideal because he’s turning over 200,000, which means I can make a bigger difference financially. And he’s so high functioning. He’s so smart and so good at what he does. Plus he’s coachable.

And that is an amazing combination. If you’re really good at what you do. And you’re always hungry for input to learn how to do a better, that’s a winning combination in my book. So our sessions are just boom. And then he goes out and he’ll take it on for himself. What we’ve talked about. And then the next week he’ll roll it out for his whole team.

You’re just like, oh, he’s like, all right, what’s next? How do I move even faster? How do I remove myself from the bottleneck? I think in the first month of working together, he’d freed up 20 to 30 hours of his week.

Seth Greene: [00:03:51] That is absolute.

David Wood: [00:03:52] Do other things you can always,

Seth Greene: [00:03:54] You’ve always been so generous with our audience.

I know you’ve got something irresistible for us. Tell us about it.

David Wood: [00:04:00] I do. I have a gift basket. It’s a little fruit salad for your audience. Three things that you’ll get. The first thing is a cheat sheet with the first steps to double revenue. Because again, it can be like, where do I start? Here’s where to start.

The second thing is a short video showing you how to implement the steps. And then the third thing is a 15 minute, a free 15 minute double your revenue audit. Where I’ll get on the phone with you and we’ll just identify the low hanging fruit. And if it turns out you want help implementing that, we’ll talk about coaching and if not happy to just help you work out where to start in your business to double revenue and the link for that is my focus,

Seth Greene: [00:04:44] Awesome. All right. We will make sure to put my focus in the show notes. I’m going to go get mine right now.

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