How to Fight Shiny Object Syndrome to Double Revenue


Twenty years in being an entrepreneur, I’ve discovered that our greatest gift is our biggest curse.

It can be difficult to focus because we have so many possibilities at hand, but when you hone in and fight shiny object syndrome, it pays off with double the revenue!


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Seth Greene: [00:00:00] How are you coaching high performing business owners to double their revenue and their time off by focusing on less? What does that mean and how do you do it?

David Wood: [00:00:07] Well, here’s the thing I’ve discovered being an entrepreneur for over 20 years, I’ve discovered that how gift our greatest gift is also our biggest curse.

We see all the options we see all the possibilities. I mean, just take your target market. So many possibilities. What about the problems you solve? What about the promise? That you’re going to, you know, the happy solution. What about the traffic sources? What about the hiring and the team? It’s just overwhelming and time after time, when I, I speak to high-performing entrepreneurs, they’re suffering from shiny object syndrome, and I know what that’s like.

So largely my job is to help them focus. Like let’s pick a plan, something you can hang your hat on for a year and go deep into it. So you can have peaceful focused action, be twice as productive, be twice as happy and double your revenue. So it doesn’t sound like rocket science, but almost every entrepreneur I’ve met has some version of this where we see all the possibilities and we just really need to work out what to focus on so we can be way more effective.

Seth Greene: [00:02:52] Who’s an ideal client for you. Who is an ideal entrepreneur for this program.

David Wood: [00:02:56] Thank you. I love that question. I just thought about Sam Page is one of my clients and God, I love this guy. He’s ideal because he’s turning over 200,000, which means I can make a bigger difference financially. And he’s so high functioning. He’s so smart and so good at what he does. Plus he’s coachable.

And that is an amazing combination. If you’re really good at what you do. And you’re always hungry for input to learn how to do a better, that’s a winning combination in my book. So our sessions are just boom. And then he goes out and he’ll take it on for himself. What we’ve talked about. And then the next week he’ll roll it out for his whole team.

You’re just like, oh, he’s like, all right, what’s next? How do I move even faster? How do I remove myself from the bottleneck? I think in the first month of working together, he’d freed up 20 to 30 hours of his week.

Seth Greene: [00:03:51] That is absolute.

David Wood: [00:03:52] Do other things you can always,

Seth Greene: [00:03:54] You’ve always been so generous with our audience.

I know you’ve got something irresistible for us. Tell us about it.

David Wood: [00:04:00] I do. I have a gift basket. It’s a little fruit salad for your audience. Three things that you’ll get. The first thing is a cheat sheet with the first steps to double revenue. Because again, it can be like, where do I start? Here’s where to start.

The second thing is a short video showing you how to implement the steps. And then the third thing is a 15 minute, a free 15 minute double your revenue audit. Where I’ll get on the phone with you and we’ll just identify the low hanging fruit. And if it turns out you want help implementing that, we’ll talk about coaching and if not happy to just help you work out where to start in your business to double revenue and the link for that is my focus,

Seth Greene: [00:04:44] Awesome. All right. We will make sure to put my focus in the show notes. I’m going to go get mine right now.

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