How To Close More Deals with Corey Kupfer

Recently, I was a guest on Corey Kupfer’s podcast, Deal Quest, where I revealed the five key ingredients to making the deal.  It was such a great episode that I wanted to share on my Extraordinary Focus podcast!

Tune in as we discuss:

  • How to understand your power and what’s possible for you.
  • Why alliances are a huge possibility.
  • How to break through limiting beliefs.
  • How to find the courage and seal the deal.
  • Why being charmingly persistent leads to strong alliances.
  • How transparency can help you close more deals.
  • Are you dreaming big enough?


Corey Kupfer is a deal-driven growth strategist, negotiator, deal-maker, speaker, and attorney. He’s also the founder of DealQuest, host of the weekly DealQuest Podcast, and author of Authentic Negotiating.

A successful entrepreneur from the age of 15, Corey is a passionate advocate and leader in the entrepreneurial world; he’s also a renowned strategist on deal-driven growth strategies.

To learn more about Corey, click here.

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