How to Celebrate the Wins


It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve the things we want in life. But this can lead us down paths that leave us feeling tired, depleted, or unfulfilled – especially if our ego is too involved.

David explains how goal fatigue can happen when people are not mindful about their smaller wins along the way!

  • Gain insight on how to shift your mindset
  • Learn a new way of viewing success that will help you perform better in the future
  • How to celebrate the little wins to spur you on.

There are so many wins we can celebrate if we’re just willing to look.

– David Wood


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The little wins are powerful. It helps you be happier and realize you’re going somewhere.

– Josh Handt


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– Video Transcript –

Josh Handt: [00:00:00] You mentioned wins, like checking off those wins or celebrate the wins on a podcast early in my early podcasting days, years ago, I interviewed a gentleman and he spoke about something called  A M W A P S. And it sounds like a lot of big words, but in the in the world of CrossFit,  there’s something called an AMRAP, which is as many repetitions as possible.

An AMWAP,  WAP, is as many wins as possible. So it’s not about only focusing. ah  I didn’t win to, I didn’t win because I didn’t hit the top of the mountain today. I didn’t win because I didn’t like hold the flag at the top of the mountain and say, I got there, put the flag in the moon or whatever it is, you have all these little steps on those CEO days are like, Ching, win.

And it’s easy when we talk about earlier creating happiness, when you start to have wins, especially if you have big goals, if you’re not hitting those goals, obviously over a course of a year, or you’re not like you’re focused on that year, the little wins are very powerful and it’s, it helps you become more happy and realize that you are going somewhere.

They don’t feel like you’re getting, you know, like I’m only did these three little things this week, or 10 little things this week.

David Wood: [00:01:14] Yeah. If we can see, we keep looking forward at the mountain that’s all we see. There is always, it was mountain to climb, mountain to climb, mountain to climb, and we can get goal fatigue. And what we need to do with this CEO date once a week is turnover and enjoy the view. See how far we’ve come and, I believe from what I can, tell that ego is designed to look for what’s wrong and what’s missing.

And I think that’s fine that puts food on the table and keep keeps us being driven. But again, we can get to fatigue and just feel like a failure so often because we’re constantly looking at what’s missing yesterday morning. I woke up, I felt very tired. The day felt, seemed overwhelming. I didn’t want, someone was coming to my house to do some cleaning and make smoothies and whatever my personal assistant I’m like, Oh my God, someone’s going to be around here for four hours.

And I was just really feeling down on myself. And then after an hour, I realized, wait a minute. In the last hour, I’ve reached out to two friends and shared something that was difficult and personal. Like I’ve been disappointed by a couple of things and I shared it. Well, one of my staff members had done something that, that I didn’t like, and I reached out and I in a very nice way.

I shared that. Yep. Yep. Three tough conversations I had. And then I realized, wait a minute. And then I reached out to four people about business on Facebook and I was like, wait a minute. I’m being so down on myself. I just did some really good stuff for my life and for my business. And then I started just re changing my thinking.

I’m like, I’ve got someone coming here to make me smoothies for the week and clean my house. This is support for me. The three phone calls coming up today are all about how we can support each other. So I just started shifting my thinking. So I fully agree with you. We need to really celebrate those wins.

And we may, they may be smaller than we expected or that we wanted. But there are wins all over the place. Did you brush your teeth? All right. You took care of yourself. Did you eat something healthy? Did you walk outside and get some fresh air? There’s so many wins we can take, if we’re just willing to look.



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