How to Build Your Influence

If you’re looking to build your influence with podcasts, then listen up! It’s not as difficult or daunting as you might think.

Tune in as I cover:

  • Why niching and branding is critical for influence.
  • How guest appearances can put you in front of the right audience.
  • The way to put ‘goodwill’ in the bank and create influence.
  • How to harness your courage to get on the right podcasts.
  • Why it’s fun to promote other people.

What would life be like if you promoted others instead of yourself?
– David Wood

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[00:00:00] David Wood: I like this word influence. Dale Carnegie wrote a book a long time ago called how to win friends and influence people. It was like a huge bestseller. And I don’t normally think about it in terms of influence, but now that I’m here on your podcast, I am thinking about how, how have I done that? I think podcast.

[00:00:20] David Wood: So yes. We want to brand get really focused with the niche for the podcast. That’s going to help attract the right audience who might be interested in your services, but when you want to build your influence, how does one do that? And I think. One way that I’ve been doing it over the last couple of years is, is by reaching out to be a guest on other podcasts.

[00:00:44] David Wood: So, so here I am, I’m talking to you, I’m having some influence with you right now, and you’re going to have an experience of me. If you have a positive experience of me at the end of this I probably have some more influence with you. You’d be like, Hey, this guy’s great. He knows his stuff. Now I have more influence because I’ve been here.

[00:01:05] David Wood: Plus there are your listeners, right? Your listeners listening. If they like what I say, something will go in. I’m influencing them. So I think guest appearances are a great way to have, have some influence. And then the other thing you would not want to do. Is help people. So one way I’ll help listeners is I have I’ve created a gift basket of goodies that will help them in their business that we can give away.

[00:01:33] David Wood: If you like at the end of this show how I might help you is at the end of the show, I’ll probably ask you. How can I help you this year? Would you like great guests recommendations? Ah, there’s some shows you want to be on or, or would you like a laser coaching session? Sometimes I offer that and giving us a great.

[00:01:54] David Wood: To put some Goodwill in the bank and create some influence. So in the last couple of years I’ve been, I’ve been helping a lot of people. I make a lot of introductions. I do some free coaching sessions for people and I help. And then sometimes I go and ask for favors. Now it’s not always a direct correlation.

[00:02:13] David Wood: I might ask for a favor from someone that I haven’t done anything for, but I think it’s important. That is a universal law. That I think it’s important if you’re, if you’re constantly taking, you’re gonna run out of good will. So I think there’s some kind of balance that’s required. You just can’t keep on giving and giving and giving and giving.

[00:02:35] David Wood: And then when you ask the universe tendons to respond, and so I’ve got people right now, making introductions for me and connecting me to other podcasts. We keep climbing the line.

[00:02:46] Tibor Nagy: I had no idea that these are some of these, you know, really valuable benefits when you’re building this network and not just working with someone, but you know, really building the relationships with people with an entry podcasts.

[00:03:00] Tibor Nagy: And you said that you were big on this like relationship marketing.

[00:03:04] David Wood: Yeah. I didn’t know that I was good at this until someone pointed it out. He said, you are really, really great at networking. And I hadn’t thought of myself that way cause I don’t go to like the local chamber of commerce and hand out business cards and yeah.

[00:03:21] David Wood: You know, I just, I don’t do that, but. If, if I’m really interested in someone I’ll reach out and we might have a phone call and we might connect, like, for example there’s a, there’s a, a book called getting real by Susan Campbell. And I wrote an app called get real. And so six years ago I reached out to her.

[00:03:44] David Wood: I said, Hey, maybe we should talk. Maybe there’s ways we can help each other six years ago, last week she responded. To that message on messenger. She’s like, I don’t know when you sent this, but I’d be happy to talk. I’m like, wow. Okay. And I figured it’s worth at 20 minutes on a zoom call. You just never know.

[00:04:08] David Wood: So we get love this woman. She’s she’s about to turn 18. And she’s been a round man that like the names that she just, oh yeah. I, I know him. He was a student in my class. I’m like, what? So I just really enjoyed her. Now. We’re sending links back and forth. I, I’m going to write a review for her next book.

[00:04:29] David Wood: We just met each other. I’m gonna write a review. She might do an indoor, she might, I’m going to ask her if she’ll endorse my new book, that’s coming out. So that’s an example. Of just building relationships with people and the best relationships are the ones with people you actually like. Yeah. Like why, why try and build it?

[00:04:51] David Wood: Okay, fair enough. Look, I’m not going to try and talk someone out of building a relationship with someone you’re not that into, because they might be something very profitable in it, but your best relationships. And I think the reason I’m good at relationship marketing is I really like the people that I’m networking with.

[00:05:08] David Wood: Like, we’ll go for a walk when they come and visit Boulder and. That’s how I think I’ve actually like people go, how did you get into the transformational leadership council with Jack Canfield and John Gray and Marianne Williamson used to be in there? Well, I’ve, I’ve really networked. And, and I reach out and I take risks.

[00:05:31] David Wood: So when I saw John Gray sitting by a fireplace at midnight, in a little hotel and recognized him, I was like, damn, I’ve been trying to get a testimonial from that dude. I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to say. And I finally just, just left. Cause he’s talking with people, I’m like, what am I going to do?

[00:05:51] David Wood: And then the third time I said to my girlfriend, I just walked away from John Gray. She said, put your clothes back on, get back out there and go and say hello to him. Well, so I went out there. It’s one o’clock in the morning. Now I go and stay. Right next to him and wait for him to stop speaking to his friends, like feeling so exposed and then just said, Hey, look, I’m a big fan.

[00:06:18] David Wood: I love your work. I’ve got a list of 40,000 people. Coaches, if I can ever support you, maybe promote something for you. I’d be happy to. Yeah. And he said, well, what are you doing tomorrow for lunch? Wow. And I was due to fly to Los Angeles. I was supposed to be on a plane and I said, I did have some plans, but I could move some things around.

[00:06:44] David Wood: I ended up having lunch and one thing led to another and then John ended up sponsoring me to the transformational leadership council. Oh. So I helped. Right. I said, I would be happy to promote you. And then when we had lunch, I basically coached him a little bit and, and to help him with some strategies for what he was promoting.

[00:07:06] David Wood: That’s how I hadn’t thought about that. People say, how did you get into that? Like, well, I really worked at, but I helped him. And then I called him one day and I said, do you think my skills would be of use. The transformational leadership council. And he said, yeah, wow. And I said, would you be open to sponsoring me?

[00:07:29] David Wood: If I did all the paperwork and he said, yeah, wow. So this giving thing, I don’t think of myself as a natural giver, but if I look back over the years, it’s been, yeah. Hey, helping out. And now often when I do a podcast interview, I will start with, how can I help you? I might not even bring up any, any requests or any hours, just how can I help you and then do it.

[00:07:53] David Wood: And then maybe I’ll have something later. Maybe I won’t, but it’s fun. It’s fun to help people. And what do they say? Lead with the giving hand. Wow. That’s the expression lead with the giving hand and it’ll make your networking so much easier. And then when you do ask for favors, like, Hey, I’d like to be on these podcasts and I see you’ve been on them.

[00:08:22] David Wood: Would it be easy for you to make an intro? He’s a draft that you can forward. I got a lot of people saying, yeah. Yeah, you’re a great guest. I’ll I’ll do it. And so we keep helping each other. I wonder what I’m thinking. The circle of life song by Elton John now, you know, I guess this is the circle of giving and I had this thought T-ball just yesterday or the day before I’ve spent so much of my life working on my own business and promoting myself.

[00:08:56] David Wood: It’s really fun to promote other people. And it just occurred to me. I wonder what life would be like if instead of promoting ourselves, we only promoted other people. What if I put all my efforts into promoting Tibor and promoting John Gray and promoting Jack Canfield and promoting, and then. Yeah.

[00:09:19] David Wood: They’re, you know, they might spend their efforts promoting me. What if we just promoted each other instead of ourselves, almost like burning man where you’re not trying to sell anything, you’re just gifting, just gifting. It’s a gifting economy. So anyway, it’s something that I’ve been playing with in my head.

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