How to Build Unbreakable Dignity

The first step of building unbreakable dignity in business is finding your voice. It’s not always easy, but we can take examples from the greats in this world and apply it to our own circumstances.

I cover:

  • A concept of being unwilling to lose.
  • How to stand up for yourself and be heard.
  • The difference between shadow dignity and pure dignity.

Dignity is a place to stand which says my voice matters and I will be heard.
– David Wood


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[00:00:00] David Wood: There’s a, there’s a concept called being unwilling to lose. And it’s a very interesting concept. I heard about this guy, Vic Barranco, who I’ve followed for many years. He created something called the Morehouse. This is, again, this is an extreme example, but you get the idea. He was entering into a real estate contract with an agent and it was a big thick contract.

And the agent, you know, gave it to him. He said, yeah, read through this and sign it. If you could. And Vick opened a drawer, pulled out a gun and put the gun on top of the contract. And he said, is there anything in this contract I should be concerned about? And the agent said, let me take it back and have another look up.

Now I’m not recommending you go and pull out a gun on people. This is an example of, he was unwilling to lose. And if you are willing to stand up for yourself and be heard, I mean, now again, let’s go to an extreme example, Gandy. They told him, no, you can’t have India back. He was unwilling to lose guy. I just kept going.

That’s how he showed up. Martin Luther king. Could we free the slaves please yet? Not a good day for us to do that. I was unwilling to lose. That’s also a good word for this. As dignity, dignity is a place to stand, which says my voice matters and I will be heard. Some people go too far. He can go over into the shadow of dignity, where you are dominating.

And arrogant and belittling people and forcing your way. That’s the shadow of dignity, but pure dignity. I have a dream and my voice will be heard. And, you know, I think over there, it’s better than over here. What do you say? What do you say? Let’s go it’s dignity.

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