How To Be True To Yourself With Integrity

There are many ways to get better business results, but there is one sure-fire way that will make you more money and happier at the same time. That’s by being true to yourself with integrity, so your actions reflect what you really want.

I discuss:

  • How do you focus your actions and energy on your goals?
  • Why layering your goals is so effective.
  • A clear path to action – the steps you can start taking TODAY.
  • What happens when you live out of alignment with integrity.

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[00:00:00] Gary Sanchez: So now you’ve narrowed down into what you want. And so then you start looking at how do I focus my actions, my energy towards gaining that.

[00:00:10] David Wood: Yeah. Yeah. Right. Like let’s, let’s make it real because one year out that’s like pie in the sky. That’s fantasy. It doesn’t mean anything. How do you relate it to today?

That’s the real question. So one answer is to layer your goals. So we’ve got 12 months. What are some milestones that you could celebrate 12 weeks from now to have you fully on track. Now this is starting to get real because 12 weeks is coming up. It’s coming up quite fast. So you work out all right.

Let’s say I want to be in a two year acting program a year from now, three months from now. I’ll have the program chosen and I might have a date planned for moving to Los Angeles. Right? So you work backwards and then the next. What are you going to do this week for the seven days? What’s your seven day plan?

I’ve got post-it notes on my board right now. And, uh, there’s a seven day column. This is what’s made it into the priorities for the next seven days. And. So look, if you’re listening to this recording right now, you might want to pause the recording and go and do your 12 month goals, just 10, 20 minutes.

And then do you milestones and then write down. All right, the next seven days, what matters? 50 things want to make it under that wall? Don’t let it just pick what really matters, what the priorities are. The risk goes in a drawer, or I call it the waiting room. It goes in a waiting room. Now that’ll serve you for the next seven days, but then you’re going to run out and you’re going to be lost for the next seven days.

So it’s very important. And again, this is on the checklist book, a date with yourself. Once a week for 20 minutes, I call it a CEO date. 20 minutes. It can be Friday four o’clock you get a cup of tea and a cup of coffee could be Saturday morning, Sunday morning, 9:00 AM you pick, and this is where you pat yourself on the back.

Literally you can reach over and pat yourself on the back for everything that you’ve accomplished. Cause you’ve probably forgotten 90% of what you’ve actually done. So you pat yourself on the back and go dude. Nice one legend. And then for the remaining 10 minutes of that, of that date with yourself, you create your post-it notes or you put it on your Trello board.

This is my action plan for the next seven days. Here’s the, here are the things from last week that didn’t get done. That again, to make it back onto this week. Here’s some things I’m going to take off because they’re just not, I don’t have room. I don’t have time and this is what my priorities are. Then I want you to have a weekly action plan, even if you don’t fulfill it all.

I want you to know what matters to you for that week is it feels really good. And then if you actually show. And do those things. That’s a whole other thing. That’s where you need the rest of what’s on the checklist. But if you actually show up and honor that list and do those things before other things that want to crowd in, that’s what I call intense.

Because you’re doing what your own mind has told you matters most that’s integrity when you don’t do it. When you know what matters is calling those 10 prospects or getting the taxes done or whatever else it is. And you go and check email instead. That’s how we create stress in the. Because the mind knows that this isn’t the highest part for you.

And so it’s stressful. Then we need sugar and alcohol and nicotine and all sorts of things and TV and video games to medicate because the bodies, you know, body and mind are out of alignment.


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